Notts Sport Introduces the UK’s First PureGrain Installation at Preston School Yeovil

Notts Sport, a leading innovator in the design and supply of sports facilities, proudly announces a groundbreaking achievement as it unveils the first-ever PureGrain installation in the United Kingdom. This cutting-edge project, including the pioneering base construction ShockWave technology, has been successfully completed at Preston School, Yeovil, setting a new benchmark for sports surfaces in the UK.

Notts Sport, working with Desso Sports and Hunts Contractors, has raised the bar for sports surface solutions, focusing on technology and sustainability. The debut of the PureGrain by Tarquett installation showcases the company’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art facilities, prioritising performance and environmental responsibility.

Using PureGrain within the pitch to replace rubber represents an advancement in sports surface sustainability. This revolutionary solution, derived from corn cob, represents a major step towards a more eco-friendly future and offers unparalleled performance.

PureGrain constitutes an entirely plant-based infill meticulously crafted from corn. Sourced from the non-edible portion of the corn cob and a by-product of corn seeds, this renewable resource is cultivated in France using entirely non-GMO methods. The outcome is an environmentally conscious, dust-free, and biodegradable filling, promoting sustainability in sports surfaces.

In conjunction with the PureGrain installation, Notts Sport has integrated the game-changing ShockWave technology, further elevating the performance and safety standards of the facility. ShockWave’s advanced shock-absorption capabilities ensure a reduced risk of injuries for athletes, allowing them to focus on their game without compromising their well-being.

Talking about the new infill Duncan Bennett, Managing Director of Notts Sport said, “We are incredibly proud to introduce the UK’s first-ever PureGrain installation. Notts Sport has been pushing & advocating sustainability and sustainable design in projects across sport, play and cricket for many years, so partnering with Desso on this scheme and adopting the PureGrain infill technology was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and sustainability further.

“With the impending ban on traditional SBR infill, we recognise the importance of early innovation adoption, including new infills such as PureGrain. We have already won awards for projects using non-infill 3G surfaces in 2022, and here at Preston School with PureGrain, we are hopefully demonstrating that Notts Sport customers will have access to an ever-increasing range of new and sustainable solutions.

Utilising the PureGrain infill with a high-quality 3G turf and the underlying ShockWave EcoBase system, we have delivered the ideal artificial grass pitch where we have eliminated microplastic performance infill & with an unrivalled sustainable base system incorporating the 100% recyclable ShockWave performance layer installed onto a reduced stone base ensuring that we limit the impact on the environment whilst providing a state-of-the-art 3G pitch both now and for the future.”

Hunts Contractors, Managing Director Shaun Drury said, “Hunts Contractors are incredibly proud to be at the forefront of the sports and play construction industry with our installation of the first PureGrain corn infill 3G pitch in the UK at Preston School, and as a pitch building contractor we continue to demonstrate our pioneering approach to establish sustainable solutions to an industry-wide issue.

We are extremely pleased to have been part of this project, delivering a high-quality sports pitch that will benefit the staff and pupils at Preston School. Not only will it provide an excellent facility but does so with environmental credentials and an opportunity to engage users with an insight into the technology and environmental considerations.”

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