Norton Clipper squashes construction equipment shortages trend with a new range of compactors

Abrasives specialist Norton Clipper has launched its brand new range of compactors with the aim of working against the equipment shortage currently facing the UK construction industry.

The unfortunate combination of Brexit and COVID has seen companies and individuals in all industries experience shortages in materials, equipment and supplies. However, since the housing market boom and the government’s announcement of its £27 billion road-building programme in March 2020, construction equipment – and compactors in particular – are in high demand. To combat this, Norton Clipper’s new launch is available specifically for the UK market.

Designed to tackle soil, clay, asphalt, mixed stone and pavers with ease, the range includes two types of compactors: the CFP (forward only) and CRP, which can compact a larger surface area and be operated in both forward and reverse directions with minimal effort from the user. The range also includes a CR16 upright rammer that is perfect for trenches and smaller projects.

Specifically designed with the operator in mind, Norton Clipper’s compactor range offers easy manoeuvrability and a flawless finish. Foldable handles and removable transport wheels provide easy storage and minimise the space required in transit, while lifting and handle points are easily accessible to prioritise safe handling.

The machine’s wide opening plastic water tank makes filling the container quick and easy while on site, and the use of plastic helps to avoid the risk of rust, which can be a threat to metal tanks. Metal cowlings and guards protect the compactors to withstand knocks and bumps – increasing the lifespan of the machine.

Available in plate width sizes of 360mm, 400mm, 420mm and 500mm, the range is available in both petrol and diesel models, with a maximum compaction depth starting from 15-25cm, increasing to 30-40cm for the reversible range. Additional rubber pads are available for the compactor, which can be used to gently compact pavers when attached to the plate.

A wide sprinkler bar ensures that water covers the full width of the plate, preventing tarmac from sticking and reducing the additional labour involved in soaking the site while the compactor is in operation. Meanwhile, the shut-off water tap prevents any water flow or spillage while the machine is in transit.

Despite the impressive centrifugal power of up to 21kN, the machine ensures low hand-arm vibration levels, prioritising operator health as well as a smooth finish.

Colin Knight, National Sales Manager at Saint-Gobain Abrasives explains: “Our new range of compactors continue the Norton Clipper tradition of tough, reliable and quality machinery that can easily tackle the day-to-day conditions that contractors face onsite. We saw that all supply chains across the industry were, and still are facing challenges, which is why we have taken steps to ensure stocks of our new compactors are reserved for the UK market specifically, to prevent contractors from having to face long lead times and delays. Contractors will be able to hire or purchase these new machines via their preferred distributor.”

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