New ranges of outdoor fire tables and fireplaces for 2019

Fire Tables have launched a new range of 9 outdoor fire tables from EcoSmart for 2019. Made with Fluid Concrete Technology and using EcoSmart ‘s long established range of bioethanol burners, the fire tables are weather proof and low maintenance and the burners can even be washed with hot soapy water. No hard connections are required as the bioethanol burners are self-contained. The range includes round, square and rectangular tables and all come with black glass decorative “charcoal”. Most of the fire tables have space around the fire for putting drinks with the Manhattan and Martini models having more table space. The EcoSmart range also includes several fire pits aimed at the outdoor market.

Also new to the UK market is the Flex system of fireplace casings which also incorporate EcoSmart ‘s range of linear XL bioethanol burners. The Flex casings can be used indoor or outdoor but, with their zinc-sealed steel construction, high temperature powder coated black finish and glass wind shield, the casings are ideal to use outdoor to create a fireplace and focal point in any landscape design. The Flex casing range has options for single sided, double sided and open ended fireplaces in lengths from 578 mm right up to 4231 mm. The self-contained, zero-clearance construction of the Flex casing system makes it easy to install and can be adapted to any design style. No hard connections are required increasing the locations where the fireplaces can be used. The clean burning bioethanol fuel doesn’t produce smoke or ash which makes the fireplaces very low maintenance.

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