New planting season sees expansion of Tubex Nature biodegradable tree shelters

Tree shelter specialist Tubex is boosting its portfolio of biodegradable solutions with an expanded range of Tubex Nature products in time for the 2023/24 planting season.

Alongside the original Tubex Nature Standard shelter are a selection of different sizes and styles, giving customers a comprehensive choice of biodegradable products.

The new additions are:

  • Easywrap – this is designed to expand as the tree grows, for easy installation.
  • Vole Guards – designed to protect young trees from small rodents and strimmers.
  • Shrub Shelter – a larger diameter product for shrubs and bushier plants.

“The surge in popularity of biodegradable solutions means it is vital to have scalable, effective and sustainable products,” said James Taylor, Commercial Director at Tubex.

“We’ve worked hard to extend the benefits already enjoyed by customers with Tubex Nature Standard, across different sizes and styles. The expanded range is ideal for a variety of applications in forestry and landscaping.”

One particular improvement across the entire Tubex Nature range has been to double the amount of force the tube can withstand when tightening the zip tie during installation. “This was an issue commonly cited by our customers.  Indeed, it seems to be true generally that bio-based biodegradable materials are weaker in this regard.  By dramatically strengthening this area, we’re delivering an installation performance that is close to that experienced when using traditional tubes,” explained James Taylor.

Tubex’s Nature biodegradable portfolio sits alongside Tubex’s range of Recyclable Shelters, allowing customers to choose the material most suitable for the required task.  Manufactured from a bio-based blend, including sugarcane, corn and starch, Tubex Nature is the most reliable and tested biodegradable tree shelter for areas with dense woodland and difficult access where collection and recycling is not practical.

Tubex Nature shelters can be left to biodegrade in situ and will, over time, start to degrade and breakdown into water and CO2 through a microbiological process.

With biodegradable shelters set to increase their market share over the coming years, Tubex is securing its market-leading position by continuously developing appropriate materials. Coupled with the ongoing development is extensive testing of all Nature shelters to prove their biodegradability claims and suitability for manufacturing at scale.

James Taylor concluded: “We’re learning all the time from existing applications across the UK, and we’re also working with independent research scientists to improve the formulation to ensure the optimum balance between long-term sapling protection, and a safe, swift dispersal into the environment at end-of-life.”

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