New Green-tree roof garden substrates brochure

Green-tree, the soil arm of Green-tech, has unveiled their new Green-roof brochure this week. The brochure comes at a time when the Green-tree team is experiencing unprecedented interest, orders and specifications of its range of roof garden substrates.

The substrates are the result of many years of product development with input from Landscape Architects and growing media experts all keen to find a green roof substrate that will present the correct drainage, fertility, organic content and green credentials needed for a complete green roof project.

Green-tree’s range of topsoil’s and growing media is one of the most comprehensive in the industry; including Intensive and Extensive Green Roof substrates, plus the ancilliary products needed to create an ideal growing environment for roof-top plants, shrubs and trees.

The new 12 page brochure has been well received and includes all the essentials for a green roof project, including drainage products, root barriers, wildflowers and green screens. It also highlights a number of projects where green roof substrates have been specified and installed, demonstrating their demand within the UK market.

Green-tree Business Manager, Mark Wood, said.

“The new brochure pulls together our products and experience and provides information for effective green-roofs. As a member of the Green Roof Organisation (GRO) we are supporters of the GRO Code and have developed our products in light of its considerations. The right soil is an essential part of a successful green-roof and the Green-tree soils and growing media tick all the boxes.”


For a copy of the new Green-tree Roof Garden brochure email or visit