New compact wastewater solution from industry experts T-T Pumps Ltd

Early in March, drainage and pumping experts T-T Pumps Ltd unveiled the newest in their BBA Approved Planet Range of package pumping stations – the Pluto Micro.

Backed by over 60+ years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of pumping solutions of all sizes, the Pluto Micro is T-T’s most innovative piece of equipment yet.

The Micro is a fully automatic, single-pump system with a compact design. This makes it ideal for smaller-scale foul and surface water applications – such as basement conversions and cavity wall drainage – across domestic, commercial and industrial settings. It is also suitable for both above and below ground installation and is fully submersible, meaning it will run efficiently across a variety of tasks and environments.

Even though it is the smallest in the family, the Pluto Micro is made with the same industry leading design present in T-T’s entire Planet Range of package pumping stations.

The chamber, where the pumping components are housed, is constructed from polyethylene – a durable material that can withstand high-pressure water flow and harsh environmental conditions to protect the pump and ensure its operational longevity.

Internally fitted ABS pipework gives the Pluto Micro an additional chemical resistance and ensures the package pumping station will run reliably, owing to the material’s strength. A reliable performance is further guaranteed by the inclusion of a non-return valve – which allows for the flow of wastewater out of the pump and prevent flooding by shutting when flow is reversed, or the pump is turned off.

The Pluto Micro is a highly versatile pumping solution, compatible with a wide range of high-performance pumps that can be selected to suit specific applications and optional alert systems with remote telemetry capability for your peace of mind.

All of T-T’s Planet Range of package pumping stations are BBA approved and manufactured in the UK. This assures that the product you receive has reached the high standards of safety, quality and reliability set by a trusted certification body within the construction industry.

Pre-assembled pipework; pre-fitted pedestrian rated access frame and cover; BBA approved; compatible with a variety of high-performance pumps; optional monitoring; durable construction – with the Pluto Micro you are guaranteed an efficient, reliable and easy-to-install package pumping station for a wide range of small scale applications across domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

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