Neptune Street Furniture used in Tipner regeneration scheme – Landscaping Portsmouth

A new gateway to Portsmouth is being created and the first stage of the scheme, including a park and ride was opened on Saturday 5th April 2014. Areas of Tipner on the outskirts of Portsmouth have largely been derelict for many years but now forms a major part of the new regeneration scheme. Volker Fitzpatrick and Colas joined forces to deliver the new motorway junction, bus terminal and parking with 650 spaces.

They approached Neptune Street Furniture in December to design the seating to go underneath the bus shelters. With over 50 years experience manufacturing street furniture in the UK, Neptune not only has a vast standard range of products, they have the capabilities to design and manufacture to suit any customer requirements. Wood, metal and GRP alternatives were explored and quoted for, with Opepe hardwood being the material of choice.

Designs were then completed for three double sided benches each 6m long. Opepe hardwood slats on stainless steel supports create the look of ‘floating’ benches for customers of the park and ride scheme to use while waiting for the bus connection into Portsmouth.

Impressed with the design concepts for the benches, Neptune were then asked to design litter bins to complement the seating. Opepe hardwood slats were again used within a powder coated steel frame to complement the fabric and colour of the main bus terminal and sheltered seating.

Alan Gingell, MD of Neptune Street Furniture says: “we are proud that we were chosen for this regeneration scheme due to our bespoke design concepts and that we could work within their time constraints because of our in-house manufacturing capabilities. We look forward to working with them on their next project.”

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