NeoTimber’s all-weather decking solutions

Keep maintenance (and stress) to a minimum with NeoTimber’s latest range of all-weather decking solutions

NeoTimber® widens their product range with a host of new weather-resistant decking and subframe offerings.

In their aim to provide both homeowners and installers with the complete outdoor flooring solution, NeoTimber® launch their new capped composite decking range, alongside a host of subframe solutions designed to be their most eco-friendly and hardwearing to date. With weather-resistance and durability at the heart of their design, the new products are typically NeoTimber® and are in-keeping with the brand’s mantra of offering innovative solutions that are designed with both performance and aesthetics in mind.

The NeoTimber® Advanced Range

Broadening their offering of long-life decking solutions, NeoTimber® launch their latest composite decking range, the Advanced board. A hollow composite product smarter than most, the board is capped in a protective polymer shell and is built to tackle the stresses and strains of everyday garden life. Unlike most hollow boards on the market, the capped board is designed to offer superior stain and fade resistance and in-turn, provide added peace of mind, year-after-year. Designed with the brand’s trademark hollow tubes, the board offers a lightweight, yet hardy construction, and comes with an impressive 25-year residential warranty.

The range is priced at £25 inc. VAT per 3.6m length and is available in a choice of 3 on-trend shades: Teak: a light oak; Chocolate: a timeless classic; and Grey: modern and minimalistic.

NeoTimber’s Eco-Friendly Subframe Solutions

NeoTimber’s range of eco-friendly plastic lumber is comprised of 100% recycled plastic and offers a robust, long-life alternative to timber. Designed to work hand-in-hand with the decking boards, NeoTimber’s plastic subframe solutions are versatile and can be used in a number of different installation settings.

Low maintenance and rot-free, the subframe solutions offer long-term strength and structural support. The range includes two different types of plastic joist, a 100mmx100mm plastic post and a series of fully adjustable pedestals. The selection of products are designed to be installed individually, or together, in order to create long-life subframes on roof terraces, uneven soft ground or directly onto concrete bases.

Pricing information and product specifications can be found on the NeoTimber® website