myAquaSolar Timers are the first and only App based timers that require no batteries!

myAquaSolar by Claber is the first and only smart timer from Claber that, thanks to its latest-generation photovoltaic panel, works without batteries and without needing direct constant exposure to the sunlight. Just being in indirect light is enough to power the timer perfectly, it will even charge through glass.

myAquaSolar is available in two versions, with one or two irrigation lines, and can be conveniently programmed right from your smartphone via Bluetooth®, using the intuitive myAquaSolar app.


From Claber, Italy’s largest irrigation and watering manufacturer, the myAquaSolar technology is a leap forward in eco-friendly irrigation, the simple Bluetooth® App technology has been designed for quick and easy programming. Simply download the free app from Google Play or from the Apple Store, scan the QR code inside the timer to pair up the devices. Monitor your charge time from the energy page, the Bluetooth® strength (which has a range of 10 metres) and use the simple scroll time settings to create your own daily or weekly schedule, with each outlet having its own independent water cycles. The single outlet timer has two programs, giving you the flexibility to set for example one cycle running every morning and the second one to come on 3 times a week. This is replicated on the dual outlet timer.

Up to 4 individual timers can be remotely operated from a single app but, if required, the timer can be stopped or set to a manual water cycle using the easy push button on the timer itself.

myAquaSolar timers have been developed to meet the idea that “Energy from Nature” is a growing part of our future, which must be enhanced to play a leading role in our life cycle on Earth.

Together with our UK partner, Landscapeplus, Claber has launched the myAquaSolar timer onto the UK market this year. The success that Landscapeplus has already achieved with the Claber range of products, with their existing and growing customer base will see that this new environmental friendly and efficient water timer will be hugely beneficial to the UK irrigation installer and consumer, who recognise the smart transition in perfect balance with nature.

For 55 years, Claber has been bringing Italian design and style to millions of gardens all over the world. Constantly striving to make the best products better, to help consumers preserve water and reduce waste, our products are designed with longevity in mind. We have found Landscapeplus to be a fantastic advocator of the Claber brand, and for over 20 years they have been supplying the UK landscape and irrigation market with quality products that they have all grown to trust.

It makes perfect sense, that Claber and Landscapeplus are working in conjunction to put myAquaSolar timers into the hands of professional landscapers and irrigation installers who, with their own customers in mind, are working towards a more sustainable future.

“Managed watering today, makes for a better environment tomorrow.”

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