• Stratified Air Scavenging system meets emissions standards
  • New larger touch and stop engine switch for easier gloved operation
  • Captive nuts prevents sprocket cover loss

The latest version of Makita’s popular ‘Farmers Choice’ chainsaw, the new Makita EA5600F45DN bristles with new improved features. Powered by the advanced 2-stroke 55.7cc engine, which delivers a high-torque 4.1horse-power, includes the Stratified Air Scavenging (SAS) exhaust system where the SAS system directs unburnt combustion charge back to the induction port. This effectively reduces fuel consumption and ensures that exhaust emissions meet the highest possible standards. It is fitted with a centrifugal air cleaner and HD air filter for the cleanest possible charge. The cord pull recoil starter has spring assistance, and the machine includes a primer pump and an anti-icing port for cold weather operations which keeps the fuel line flowing freely. A new wider touch and stop engine control switch allows easier operation when working with gloved hands.

The new Makita EA5600F45DN is fitted with a 45cm chain bar which carries the 0.058”gauge, and 0.325”pitch chain, and has an adjustable flow chain oil system with 0.32L capacity. This new chainsaw weighs just 5.8kg and is a particularly well balanced machine with large diameter forward grip bar, and a rear grip handle separated from the engine and transmission which reduces vibration transferred to the operator.

The 0.57L fuel tank affords ample run time.  This is now fitted with a useful fuel level window to check the fuel level. Another new feature is the captive nuts on the sprocket cover which removes the risk of these being lost in the undergrowth when removed for chain or bar changes.  The new Makita EA5600F45DN ‘Farmers Choice’ chainsaw comes supplied in a robust metal carry case, and will become the preferred choice for general felling and logging operations.

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