Made-to-measure planters revolutionise container design

New online service allows you to order custom-built containers at the click of a button

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Finding bespoke planters for an outside space can be a real headache. Local garden centres only stock a standard size – and you can guarantee it’s not the one you want. If you’ve ever tried finding L-shaped containers, or planters which wrap around drainpipes, you’ll know that off-the-shelf simply isn’t an option. But tracking down someone who’ll make you a bespoke container can be equally tricky.

Until now. Cedar Nursery, based in Surrey, have launched a bespoke planter service which allows you to specify exactly the size and style of any galvanised steel, powder-coated steel or Fibreglass container you need. It’s even simpler if you just want troughs, window-boxes or cubes, when an online calculator gives you an instant quote at the click of a button. Complex designs can modelled in 3-D before production so you can check you’ve got it right, and it‘s delivered right to your project.

With an ever-increasing range of specifications to choose from, this is a development which makes bespoke manufacturing available on a far greater scale than ever before. It means, at last, you have the chance to get really, really creative about what you want. Here are a few of the things you can specify:


  • Shape
    • Try cylindrical, rectangular or square; tapered or straight-sided; troughs or cylinders; cut-outs for steps and drainpipes… the choice is limitless.
  • Finish
    • Pick from sheer galvanised steel uncompromising modernism, or soften the effect with coloured powder-coating in either matt or gloss finish in hundreds or RAL colours
    • Fibreglass Planters are available in hundreds of stock mould shapes, and bespoke options are available, Suitable for interior and exterior projects Fibreglass offers a lightweight, maintenance free and frost-resistant solution; whether it is for planting or water features, we have the design for you.
  • Colour
    • Match your interior or exterior colour schemes with the huge choice of almost 200 different shades. Available with the powder-coated or Fibreglass finish only and new for this season are special finishes such as bronze, antique lead, Cor-Ten rust effect and copper blue
  • Drainage holes
    • You can even specify where you want any drainage holes drilled: along the sides, back only, or in the base. It’s up to you.
  • Quantity
    • Minimum order of 1 per size


The containers are hand-built in a small factory in the South East to a strong, traditional style in which joints are seamed rather than welded using a lock-form process. The original ultra-modern silver galvanised steel containers are also available in a powder-coated finish, opening up a whole new range of coloured planters and widening the choice even more.


  • Maximum sizes available
    • Window boxes up to 1950mm (length)
    • Troughs up to 1950mm (length)
    • Cubes up to 1000mm (width)
    • Cylinders up to 900mm (diameter)
    • Square tapered up to 1500mm (height)


Come and view at our showroom in Cobham, Surrey, open 7 days a week. Troughs, cubes, window boxes, urns, water-tanks and cisterns to name a few of our designs, with the flexibility of bespoke sizes in many of our ranges.


Contact Details: Cedar Nursery, Horsley Road, Cobham, KT11 3JX | | T: 01932 862473 | F: 01932 867152

Showroom open Mon to Sat 8.30am to 5.30pm and Sunday 10.30am to 5.30pm

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