Love Your Home and Garden Case Study by EnviroBuild

EnviroBuild was recently tasked to complete a project on ITV’s Love Your Home and Garden (final episode, series 2). Here’s a rundown of what the project was, how we undertook it, and what the end-result and responses were.

The aim of the project was to refurbish the garden into a manageable and easily navigable space for the Parrys, a family consisting of two wheelchair-bound parents and two children that assist as carers. The garden was wide but shallow, and so one of the main aims was to create an elongating effect on the available space.

EnviroBuild was chosen as part of the refurbishment team to supply cladding and decking that matched the project’s aims; specifically, these were being wheelchair friendly and pulling off the illusion of a longer garden.

The solution

After careful consideration, the EnviroBuild team decided to use matching Hyperion cladding and decking; these were installed in a chevron design, slotting in the boards at a 45° angle. This was done to lengthen the garden and place attention on the new raised triangular beds and green spaces, amplifying the natural beauty arranged by the Love Your Home and Garden team.

The following cladding and decking products were used, carefully selected by EnviroBuild thanks to their slip-resistant, low-maintenance qualities, making them perfect for the Parry family’s needs:

Hyperion Fencing in the shade granite was then used on the perimeter of the garden to provide a modern finish.

The project was completed in a quick turn around and resulted in a beautifully crafted garden.

The outcome

The end result of this Love Your Home and Garden venture was that the Parrys, largely thanks to EnviroBuild’s decking and cladding, now have a beautiful garden that all members of the family can easily access and relax in. By choosing EnviroBuild decking, the kitchen is now on-level with the garden, providing one cohesive transition from indoors to outdoors.

The products chosen by EnviroBuild are not only aesthetically pleasing and suit the style of the garden, but are also practical and reliable for years to come, making this a well-worthy investment for the Parry home.

Customer feedback

Clare Callan – Spun gold TV: “The high-quality finish of the Hyperion products supplied by Envirobuild came in a wide variety of colours to choose from. We also wanted a cohesive look with the fencing, decking and cladding, so we chose Envirobuild who could provide us with all of these elements.


About EnviroBuild

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