Lorenz von Ehren. The nursery. Established 1865.

Lorenz von Ehren. The nursery. Established 1865.

Since the foundation of the company in 1865, the Lorenz von Ehren nursery has been owned by the family. Now in the fifth generation, Bernhard von Ehren, Managing Partner, is responsible for the fortunes of the company.

The best conditions for plants, the environment and your projects

Plants for your gardens, parks and other projects.

On approximately 550 hectares in Hamburg and at our branch in Bad Zwischenahn, we produce plants in a variety of shapes and sizes for all your projects.

Trees for generations

Large trees.
You get time with us.The time that is needed to let trees grow. Are you looking for a climbing tree for your children or grandchildren, or a fruit tree that‘s already bearing a lot of fruit, or

simply a tree that has already developed its own individual character? Use this opportunity to look for trees on our grounds that have already reached a stately size.

Unique specimens.
Distinctive individual pieces: shaped by the cutting masters of the Lorenz von Ehren nursery. These deciduous trees and conifers are something special. They are intriguing with their unique shapes, clear lines, individual habit and their age. The charm of the unique specimens of the Lorenz von Ehren nursery is distinctive, they introduce character to spaces, and their special qualities enhance parks and gardens by creating special places.

Our choice trees are identified with a seal and a certificate in which we document their outstanding qualities.

The Lorenz von Ehren quality

Perfect happiness.

If you are satisfied with our quality and would like to continue doing business with us, then we are satisfied. If we are able to support you implementing your goals, then our happiness is perfect. Quality has many dimensions. It is the fast and competent answers to your questions before and after purchase, it is providing good answers to questions about use, on the location, and the alternatives. It is the product itself. It is timely delivery.

The complete plant range from one source.

Our plants have developed over many years to become as beautiful as they are. Alongside large and avenue trees, bonsai and solitary specimens, topiary, rhododendrons, hedges, fruit

trees and conifers we can also deliver the entire range of other plants. We offer many beautiful, characterful and rare trees for plant-lovers.

Full service for all your plant queries

What you can expect from us:

  • A friendly voice on the phone
  • Fast information on prices and availability
  • Expert advice on anything to do with plants
  • Preparation and support of your visits to our tree nursery – and for your clients
  • Up to date information on trends and news from the green industry
  • Delivery of the complete plant range from one source
  • Tips and tricks on the handling of large plants
  • Logistical solution for your needs
  • Support with complex plant projects

And all of this not just from 9 to 5!

Examples of recent projects

  • Whiteley Village Shopping Centre, Fareham
  • Footbridge at Winnersh Triangle, Reading
  • NEO Bankside, London
  • Royal Arsenal, London
  • One Tower Bridge, London