LockChip is a spray on road preservation solution from the Bituchem Group that prolongs the life span of surfaced dressed roads by further securing the chippings to improve chip retention. LockChip is applied to newly surface dressed roads to provide a blackened surface and increase stability of the surface dressing.



Proving a cost effective way to maintain a high quality of road, the LockChip system instantly improves the aesthetics while being beneficial to council budgets. The fast and simple application allows the road to be reopened to traffic in as little as an hour with CO2 emissions dramatically reduced, as the whole road isn’t required to be replaced.

LockChip is an over spray of specially formulated polymer modified bitumen emulsion that is applied to the new dressing by using the conventional spray tankers. The LockChip emulsion coats the surface of the microtexture and macrotexture to lock in loose chips and seal it to retard against the onset of the weathering process, which helps to minimise the risk of early failure especially in ‘stress’ areas such as bends, junctions and work entrances.

The short break time of an hour, weather depending, allows the road to be reopened to traffic relatively quickly, reducing disruption that road works can cause. Ideally applied after the second sweeping of the newly laid chippings, LockChip stabilises the surface dressing to minimise ‘flyers’ and the issues associated with the aftercare, especially on high speed roads.

The hazard posed to passing vehicles due to loose chippings causing damage is reduced as is the annoyance caused to residents in urban areas. It also helps to reinforce parts of the road where natural conditions such as shade affect the dressing as well as where areas have a high rate of chipping lose that occurs due to site characteristics.

Alongside the innovative highway preservation products, the Bituchem Group manufactures and supplies its Natratex and Colourtex asphalt surface courses to the surfacing contractors throughout the UK. Supplied hot and laid conventionally like any ‘blacktop’, Natratex and Colourtex use a clear binder with coloured or natural aggregate to achieve long lasting, aesthetically pleasing, maintenance free pedestrian and highway surfaces.

Further information on LockChip is available from Bituchem on 01594 826 768 or 07584 311 266, by emailing: mark@bituchem.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.bituchem.com