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It is about time to change the World of Wellington Boots and we are about to do it! By using innovative technology and new era materials like EVA Foam, we are providing the most comfortable, durable and probably the lightest Wellington Boots designed for many proffesions and hobbies from Farm, Construction, Gardening, Fishing to everyday wear. Our products are ideal for the rainny days or any wet or cold conditions. Our line of ULTRALIGHT Boots is a great alternative for outdated, heavy and uncomfortable rubber or PVC boots. We are targeting Hardware, Gift, DIY, Footwear, Farm and Garden sectors. Our ULTRALight range of boots with removable and washable warm linings is getting now significant market share so if you are in business don’t miss it out! 

about promoted model:

Safety 1st

Revolutionary ULTRALight Safety Boots made of EVA polymer makes Leon Boots Co. Safety 1st Model probably the lightest protective wellington boots on the market!



Certification: PN-EN ISO:20345:2012, CE, SRB / SRC

Upper Material: EVA polymer

Available Colors: Black (in Stock)

Lining: Removable, Machine washable & Breathable

Midsole: anti-perforation

Sole: TR (Thermo-rubber) NON-SLIP, Oil resistant (SRB)

Toe Protection: STEEL TOE Cap (up to 200 KJ)

Heel: EVA/TR, Shock Absorption, 40mm thickness,

Temperature Rating: up to -30’C

Available sizes: 41 (7UK), 42 (8UK), 43 (9UK), 44 (10UK), 45 (11UK), 46 (12UK), 47 (13UK), 48 (14UK)

VISIT WEBSITE LINK: www.welliesandboots.ie


Direct link to Model SAFETY 1st:

Link to Video Showing Features of Safety 1st : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7svJOpjgsrI

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