Launching RootSpace Generation 2

GreenBlue Urban are proud to launch the next generation of RootSpace® system – the most innovative soil cell in the industry.  Essentially a pavement support system – designed for maximum soil and rooting volume, to be ‘utility friendly’, with economic freight and industry-leading strength characteristics.

RootSpace Generation 2 has some excellent improvements:

  • New 400mm high version to enable a wider range of tree pit depths – now 5 different height configurations
  • Faster, simpler and easier assembly process
  • Further increase the load bearing capacity
  • Enable easy re-excavation for maintenance of utilities

Full structural capabilities are available but by way of an example, the following table uses a 4.5 tonne wheel load on different RootSpace configurations – this is based on a typical macadam/asphalt type road construction and a standard GBU tree pit specification.

RootSpace configuration Height Subbase DTp Type 1 depth Macadam depth * Total depth
400 single 475mm 150mm 150mm 300mm
600 single 675mm 300mm 150mm 450mm
400 + 400 875mm 300mm 150mm 450mm
400 + 600 1075mm 325mm 150mm 475mm
600 + 600 1275mm 325mm 150mm 475mm

Total depth of bound bituminous layers (Minimum construction depths for a full range of wheel loads are available separately)

With out latest installation video and product overview guide – there is an abundance of data to support the world leading soil cell – to assist with specification and installation.

Greenblue Urban is the global leading solutions provider in assisting trees in their battle to establish in urban spaces.  Established over 27 years ago with more than 40 years’ experience in the landscaping industry GreenBlue provide exceptional expertise in planning, design and the installation of trees in the hard landscape.


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