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Wallbarn has been supplying pedestals and support pads in UK for over 20 years we are proud to offer the most comprehensive range of support pads and pedestals in UK.

We announce the launch of a range of new products in 2017:

Clients require a solution for paving or decking at extremely low heights, and existing fixed height pads are not always a good enough solution. Wallbarn has developed the MINI MEGAPAD 10-20mm.

These 100% polypropylene pedestals are fully adjustable so split-millimetre differences in height. Strong and load bearing, they designed to last for long-term. At these tiny height levels adjustment is a problem, so this pad has a series of spokes around the circumference and a handle on one side to allow “fat fingered” contractors to twist the stems effectively.

The “pedestal” comes as a kit with the pedestal itself with a telescopic thread 5mm high, and a 5mm thick extension plate which clicks to the underneath of the base. Twist the unit from 10-15mm without the plate, add the plate and adjust from 15-20mm.

Why has Wallbarn developed such a low height pedestal? Mainly due to the increasing levels of retro fitting schemes. Rather than take up and replace old terrace surfaces, just overlay them. Restricted height thresholds around doors and windows on roof decks are accommodated using the MINI MEGAPAD 10-20mm.

Wallbarn is also announces launching the simple but very effective metal plate for paving. This stainless steel plate is placed on top of the headpiece on pedestals laid up to the wall. Wallbarn’s standard baseplates are 200mm in diameter and the headpieces are 150mm in diameter, so the end slab can overhang the headpiece slightly, risking that slab tipping if a person was to stand on the very lip. By adding the metal plate for paving, that edge slab is supported completely, creating a safer area on balcony edges.

Also new is the BALANCE adjustable paving pedestal. Available in heights from 25mm up to 395mm, we think we have the very designed self-levelling headpiece on the market. It has taken us a long time to develop this headpiece and it is stable, sturdy and able to move to a maximum slope of 5% – approx. 2 degrees.

Ask us for more details on all these products.

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