Kayospruce – The go to supplier of technical fabrics to Designers, Architects and Upholsterers alike for over 34 years.  The company has built its reputation and foundations in the Marine sector and well established supply chains, knowledge and expertise to recommend and supply the right fabric for the right job at the right price.

Kayospruce is located on the South Coast in Fareham, Hampshire adjacent to the M27 with large warehousing and offices, servicing local, national and international markets with technical fabrics sourced from reliable manufacturers from around the world.

Kayospruce has become the chosen UK distributor for many outdoor and contract upholstery fabrics and structural fabrics that will shade, cool, partition and protect.  Kayospruce caters for the most unusual or traditional of jobs for example sailcloth for shade sails or pvc’s for play areas, we can supply it all.

The Company operates with the belief that the definition of conformity is ‘the fulfilment of a requirement’ and a requirement is a ‘need or expectation’ with this in mind Kayospruce undertake an obligation to provide a quality product that meets the needs of the most discerning architect, specifier, interior designer or upholsterer.  Ultimately providing the end user with a fabric that has captured their vision that will stand the test of time in both appearance and quality.

A supplier of materials that are sophisticated and modern, created with imagination and flare but keeping in mind the functionality of its purpose, the designated use and most importantly satisfying the clients overall needs, cultured classics and contemporary designs anything but ordinary.

SUNBRELLA are renowned for their 100% solution dyed acrylics with high UV resistance, water repellent without detracting from their breathable qualities, mould resistant, easy to maintain and with excellent colour stability.  The ease of maintenance and longevity of the product make the fabric the perfect choice for those living areas both inside and outside, no longer having to differentiate between the two spaces.

The soft feel to the fabric enables the upholsterer to furnish seating, contrasting cushions, curtains and sunshades all from the same collection without loss of style or compromising the flow of colour or pattern inside to the outside, onto the garden, patio or poolside.  The well known Sunbrella Collection is just one of many constructions that Kayospruce can offer.


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TUVATEXTIL is one of the top textile reference brands in specialised fabrics for outdoor and indoor.

This 100% Solution dyed acrylic is new to the UK market and offers many colours, textures and references that can be supplied with a backing to make them completely waterproof and/or coated with a BS5852 cigarette and match fire resistancy rating.


This fabric collection called AGORA is a versatile, contrasting and sophisticated collection of fabrics where the attention to detail and market demand for reversible and colourful solution dyed acrylics shows a clear commitment to the UK market to supply fabrics that have already been endorsed by London Designers and Landscape Architects.


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When the furniture is in place and the sun is high, those first rays of sunlight are often a source of joy, it’s really important to be able to protect yourself from the middle of summer, what could be nicer than relaxing outside a café or in your garden, sheltered from the sun (or rain), without being bothered by the heat?


There are lots of different solutions for sun protection, and they all have their benefits, from canopies and pegolas to blinds and furniture covers.  Here are a few:



The new Précontraint 502 Satin range – a full membrane, without micro-perforations, sophisticated and less traditional look, better suited to modern trends. A wide range of different colours to encourage creativity, effective protection against heat and bad weather and impressive sturdiness, improved dirt resistance, making it a fantastic choice for architecture, with a 10-year extended warranty.

Perfect for your canopies and pergola roofs. It has the advantage of being very sturdy (it doesn’t distort or stretch) and durable, as well as being resistant to bad weather and UV rays.



Soltis 88 offers another option for indoor sun protection with greater transparency.

Manufactured using exclusive Précontraint Serge Ferrari® technology, these composite materials are kept taut throughout the production process. The result: they do not distort when put up or used and combine dimensional stability with resistance, as well as being incredibly thin, lightweight and effective, with a touch of transparency.



The Soltis 86 is the most open screen in the Soltis range. Its micro-perforated structure lets light through and helps to create a bright, flattering, pleasant and appropriate atmosphere. Incredibly resistant to bad weather and UV rays, when used outdoors, the Soltis 86 blocks up to 88% of sun rays.



The Soltis 92 offers reinforced thermal protection thanks to its micro-perforations that help to regulate the heat from the sun. It limits the greenhouse effect and is particularly recommended for very exposed areas.

Used outdoors, the Soltis 92 absorbs and reflects up to 97% of the heat, thus reducing the temperature in summer. It’s perfect for blinds (for façades, verandas and glazing) and canopies.



Soltis 96 successfully combats and gets rid of heat thanks to its micro-perforations. It blocks up to 95% of UVA and UVB rays. Relatively transparent, it filters light without blocking it and protects against glare, boasting fantastic visual comfort. Lightweight, durable and 100% recyclable. It is recommended for outdoor blinds for balconies or terraces, awnings, pergolas and small shade structures.


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But which is the right sun protection?

As well as the desired look, there are a number of different solutions to choose from depending on whether you are looking for vertical or horizontal protection. In general, outdoor blinds are often better than indoor ones, as they act as a real barrier against the sun.

Basically, inside, light blinds that reflect the heat are better, while outside, darker blinds are preferred as they blend in with the environment.

Call Alison at Kayospruce for any further information, samples or technical advice ali@sailcloth.co.uk  m: 07809 555487