Interpon Helps Illuminate the Power of Powder Coatings   Through Partnership with 3Brothers 

Interpon, the powder coatings brand from AkzoNobel, is helping 3Brothers, a leading international lighting design and manufacturer in Egypt, to accelerate its growth and support its sustainability ambitions through the proven durability of the Interpon Redox range.

Egypt has many extremes of temperature, with high salinity in the air and frequent sandstorms. This means that the coatings applied to the lighting products – many of which are used outside – have to be durable. This protects them against corrosion, and helps maintain the integrity and stability of the color even in harsh sunlight.

The Interpon team therefore worked with experts within 3Brothers to conduct a series of extensive in-house trials before reaching a conclusion. They have decided upon Interpon’s Redox Plus range with a UV resistant topcoat as providing the most effective protection in the challenging environment of North Africa where the manufacturer’s products are primarily sold.

The Redox Plus range is a powder primer protective barrier that gives enhanced corrosion protection across a range of metal substrates, from mild steel to aluminum. It can protect products for C5 environment for 7 to 15 years, while providing more than 25 years of durability in a C3 corrosivity level.

The collaborative approach from the local AkzoNobel team during testing and trialing was key to establishing the successful partnership which is now exploring Interpon’s other innovations.

George Micheal, CEO of 3Brothers, says that reputation is everything and he cannot afford for his products to fail: “The Interpon team was very helpful in providing samples so we could assess how their products behaved on different materials and in different conditions when subjected to corrosion,” he explains.

Sustainability is a key focus area for both businesses. As a powder coating, Interpon’s Redox Plus is free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), meaning it is less harmful to the environment: “Sustainability is very important to us as a business and clients are increasingly specifying the use of powder coatings,” George adds.

Sanal Limoncuoğlu, Commercial Director of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings South and East Europe agrees: “Working with 3Brothers using products with a proven performance highlights the value of building meaningful partnerships with businesses that share our passion for innovation and sustainability. These partnerships are key to our mutual success and delivering long-term, sustainable growth.”

The collaboration between the two businesses extends beyond the powder in the box. While performance is vital, and costs need to remain competitive, the additional testing that George’s team performs are also shared with AkzoNobel’s technical teams. This supports further research and development into how Interpon Redox performs in extreme conditions.

3Brothers has also been quick to embrace the antimicrobial technology in Interpon AM for lighting products used in hospital and healthcare environments. They are also now exploring the use of Interpon 610 Low-E powder coatings – coatings that can be cured more quickly or at lower temperatures – to improve productivity and/or to further reduce energy consumption.

“We are excited about our collaboration with AkzoNobel Powder Coatings as experts in making paints and bringing surface to life,” George adds, “and look forward to working with them in assuring our long-term manufacturing success.”

3Brothers was founded more than 30 years ago and has grown to become a hugely successful business with a 20-25% market share in Egypt alone. The company designs and manufactures more than 6,000 different products, from interior downlights to exterior streetlights, servicing both retail and commercial segments.