Instant Gardens – Immediate Impact And Use

If you have a project where you or your client are seeking immediate impact for private use or for saleable property, Aralia has a wealth of experience in ‘Instant Gardens’. We are experienced in designing and installing high impact mature gardens for architects, developers and private clients.

An average garden can take several years to fully develop after the initial build and install process. This means waiting for trees, hedging and shrubs to mature, leading to – initially – an unfinished look. However, a growing trend in Landscape Design – and one that Aralia has practised for years – is ‘Instant Gardens’. Rather than waiting for gardens to mature and flourish, growers can now provide fully mature specimens which can be placed straight into your garden or roof terrace for an immediate finished look.

Aralia Landscape Architects have the knowledge to install these fully mature trees, saving clients the hassle, as well as the risks, that come from incorrect installation. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our supply structure, consisting of growers and suppliers who are hugely experienced in this specialised sector. Aralia work with suppliers and the client to design mature gardens, including optional bespoke water features, outdoor kitchens, outdoor bars and living walls to fully complete the garden and create an instant high impact look.

Aralia are currently working on several projects of this type including the ‘Lutterworth Road’ project, where we are adding an Outdoor Fireplace, Outdoor Lounge and Cascading Water Feature, all of which will be ready for our clients in September. On a commercial level, Aralia completed a series of instant gardens at ‘Chelsea Creek Dockside Houses in London’, where we were commissioned by St George to create luxury roof terrace gardens that would complement, and add value to, their penthouse apartments which were currently in the build stage. Aralia designed the roof terraces, including readily matured green walls and planters, ready for the apartments’ sale. Though instant gardens have higher install costs, they provide commercial value and bottom line profit. These St George Penthouses were sold at the height of recession yet were sold in record time, much of which was put down to the instant gardens that completed the package.

“We are excited by the BALI Design Excellence Award, which is a mark of the high standard of design that Aralia has implemented at Chelsea Creek. Aralia has created terraces which are the epitome of innovation and luxury, as part of our Penthouse Collection. With the penthouses due for completion in the coming months, it is great to see that the designs are creating such a well-deserved buzz for their high standard and creativity.” – Michael Bryn-Jones, Managing Director, St George PLC

We also have extensive experience completing instant gardens for private clients, such as our recent project ‘Viburnum Gate’, where our clients wanted their garden to be completed in time to serve as a showstopping backdrop for their upcoming party. Aralia worked to create the perfect design for the clients, also designing the garden with the idea of creating property value and appeal for potential buyers at the clients’ request. Aralia also included a bespoke water feature, sunken garden areas, contemporary dining areas and a living wall alongside the mature shrubbery, ensuring the garden was at its full impact for the party.

Aralia can work to a deadline to design and produce fully finished and mature gardens for you or your clients. Whether you want a garden ready for an event or to add instant property value for a client or developer, contact Aralia on 01279 721 461 or to see how we can add value to your project, alongside that sought after ‘wow’ factor.


Written by Francesca Fox