Improve and Organise Your Garage or Workshop with Professional Cabinets and Floor Tiles.

Don’t forget the garage when designing the perfect home! So many great homes have wonderful gardens, and perhaps a couple of top end cars sitting on the drive in front of a garage door that complements the design of the house.

But open that garage door and what do we so often see?  A cold, unwelcoming interior with grey, dusty concrete, bikes leaning precariously against brick walls, and perhaps a collection of plastic shelves and or old kitchen cupboards where sporadic attempts have been made to get things organised.  Very often the clutter is spread across the floor in a variety of cardboard and plastic boxes.  The cars are relegated to the drive collecting seasonal debris and bird droppings.

Garages are all too often treated as the poor relation with little or no thought given to their interior design.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!  A clean and well laid out garage interior will complement home and cars making it pleasant to work on DIY or hobbies in the garage. A well sorted garage is a joy to drive into with its pleasing ambience.

Stylish steel cabinets in a variety of designs and colours can incorporate huge cupboard space and sturdy drawers, all having tough worktops attached for DIY and hobbies.  For anybody who has a classic or sports car then steel cabinets are ideal for tools storage and vice attachment.

Why put up with cold dusty concrete when there is a range of floor coverings available?  One of the most popular in residential garages is the attractive PVC interlocking floor tiles typically 7mm thick.  These can be loose laid in a few hours.  No bonding is required, and wood-working tools can be used to trim the tiles up to walls and the garage entrance where ramp sections provide a tidy front lead-in.  These tiles are satisfyingly quick to lay and immediately transform the appearance of the floor.

Slatted wall storage panels, specifically designed for residential garages, provide an attractive and durable cladding material with the benefit of having a range of hooks and baskets.  These can support bikes, lawn mowers, garden tools, gym weights and just about anything that would otherwise be leaning against the wall or lying on the floor.

So the garage interior can readily complement a great home, and at surprisingly reasonable cost.

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