How to Clean Different Couch Materials

The couch is one of the home’s most used pieces of furniture. It’s where the family gathers and guests sit when they come over. So, it quickly collects dirt, crumbs, grime, and other substances. Cleaning the couch is essential to remove these elements and keep it clean. Doing so will also make it look its best, smell fresh, and last longer. However, you should be careful in cleaning to prevent any damage.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for cleaning the couch. Moreover, check its tag for more cleaning information. For example, you may find the letters S, W, X, and WS on the label, and these letters mean something.

  • S means you must use a solvent-based cleaning product and avoid using water.
  • W means that you can clean it with water.
  • X means that you cannot use solvent-based cleaning products or water. You can only use a vacuum for this.
  • WS means you can use both solvent-based cleaning products and water.

To further guide you in cleaning your couch, we listed more information on how to clean different materials.


This material is popular for couches because it efficiently wicks moisture and heat on the surface. Vacuum your linen couch regularly to prevent dirt build-up. You can wash the coverings in a washing machine with a gentle spin cycle, then hang them to dry. Use steam to make them smooth before putting them back on the couch.


A silk couch looks luxurious, so if you want your home to be elegant, you will not go wrong with this material. However, it’s not that common in households because cleaning is difficult. Since it’s a delicate material, it’s best to leave it to expert cleaners, especially if you don’t want to make any mistake and end up damaging it. But if you wish to try it, use a gentle cleaning product designed for this material. A silk couch would match perfectly with lampshades made from the same material. Click here for a gorgeous selection of silk lampshades that will elevate the style of your home and make it even more glamorous.

Genuine leather

It’s one of the most popular couch materials. This is because it’s presentable, durable, and easy to clean. First, use a soft cloth to remove visible dirt and grimes, then vacuum to eliminate residue. Next, wipe it with a clean damp cloth and dry properly once done. You may also use cleaning products made specifically for leather.

Synthetic fabric

There are different types of synthetic fabric, such as nylon, polyester, and acrylic. Using a mild detergent and water with soap for cleaning is usually safe. But to be sure, test it in a small area hidden from sight before using it on the entire couch.

Faux leather

Faux leather looks similar to genuine leather, and cleaning is generally the same. Brush off dirt, vacuum, wipe with a damp cloth, and dry. Create your cleaning solution by mixing a tablespoon of gentle soap and half a gallon of water.

Take better care of your couch with proper cleaning. You will thank yourself because it will look its best for a long time.