How to Bring Sustainability to Your Interior Design

If the planet is going to become healthier (or at least not get any more unhealthy), everyone needs to play their part and be as sustainable as possible. The good news is that there are ways to do this in every aspect of life, and that includes your interior design. If you take the time to think things through before you make any changes to your home, there are sure to be ways to do what you want in an eco-friendly way, ensuring you and your home are being good to the planet. With that in mind, here are some of the things you can do to bring sustainability to your interior design.

Use Long-Lasting Materials

One of the best ways to make your interior design more sustainable is to use long-lasting materials. When you invest in high-quality, durable materials like the tiling from, it will stand the test of time, and you won’t have to replace it for years (that’s especially true if you choose a design that’s classic and timeless because it won’t look out of date either). Poor quality or less strong materials will become damaged or start to look worn much sooner, so you’ll have to replace them and throw out the old materials, sending more waste to landfill, which is something that should be avoided when at all possible.

Recycled materials are another excellent option, and something like reclaimed wood is an ideal choice because it’s long-lasting and it’s sustainable already. When you use reclaimed materials, you’ll reduce the need for new items and prevent so much from going to waste.

Energy Efficient Lighting

You’re going to need lighting in your home no matter how eco-friendly you want to be; candles might have been used in the past, but today they’re just not practical, and they’re not in the least bit safe. However, if you’re worried about the impact you might be having on the environment, there is something you can do – you can use energy-efficient lighting. In this way, you’ll use less energy and still have a well-lit home.

When you choose LED bulbs rather than traditional ones, you’ll be using less energy every time you switch on the lights, and as an added bonus, these bulbs last much longer, meaning you won’t have to replace them so often, and you’ll have less to throw away.

Use Eco-Friendly Furniture

Interior design isn’t just about the materials you use to cover your floors and walls; your furniture plays a big part in your overall design scheme too. If you want to be more sustainable, one great idea you can try is to find eco-friendly furniture and use that instead of less environmentally conscious items.

Check the labels and manufacturing details of whatever it is you want to buy to make sure it’s made from sustainably sourced materials like bamboo or FSC-certified wood, and always avoid any furniture made with toxic chemicals or materials that cause problems for the planet like plastic or wood that comes from a non-sustainable source.