Harrier 56 Pro studio with new Eco+ engine 1.13



Premium lawnmower manufacturer Hayter have been working together with engine specialists Briggs & Stratton to introduce a range of ‘greener’ engines onto many models in the Hayter mower range, including the Harrier 48 and 56 Pro machines which are so popular with landscapers and contractors.


The new EcoPlus™ engines offer reduced exhaust emissions that are at least 25% lower than current European exhaust standards*.  As a result of changes to fuel tanks walls, fuel lines, gaskets and seals plus a new anti-venting petrol cap, the evaporative emissions performance is improved by up to 51%**.


Mowers with the new engines are available from your local Hayter dealer – look out for information in-store.


For more information on the Hayter range and details of our network of specialist dealers, go to www.hayter.co.uk or call the sales office on 01279 723444.