During the months from January through to April, the Amenity Forum is holding free updating events across the UK. These are aimed at everyone involved in amenity at whatever level; those directly involved in operations through to those specifying contracts, advising or having direct responsibility.The focus is on pest, weed and disease control. They are half day events and all that is needed to book a place is to email Alan.Spedding@amenityforum.co.uk Venues are spread across England and there are specific events for Wales and Scotland. For those registered on CPD schemes, the events will have a points allocation

The sector is facing much change especially resulting from the implementation of the Sustainable Use and Water Framework Directives. They require everyone to demonstrate that they are operating at best practice levels and adhering to the correct standards. It is very important that the sector commits itself to operating at an Amenity Assured standard. If all involved work together and show that voluntarily they can drive up standards, it means that the sector represented by the Amenity Forum  can argue strongly against further changes or restrictions which may impede the ability to maintain current standards of performance. Each event will attract 4 BASIS points

To find a location close to you, visit the Forum website at www.amenityforum.co.uk,. All the events are being hosted by Forum members and we are grateful for the support of the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) in helping make them possible. In addition to the Forum, contributions will be made from the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD), BASIS Registration and NSTS.

The first event will be held at a Golf Club close to Leicester on the 4th of February  and others follow on from then. The Chairman of the Amenity Forum, john Moverley, said ‘’As the Voluntary Initiative for the sector, we are committed to helping the sector stay in control and demonstrate that it is operating at best practice. It is vitally important we do so in times of great change. These updating events are important in taking out this message across the UK and keeping all abreast of the changes and implications. We would encourage everyone involved to attend’’

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Further information about this release is available by emailing Alan.Spedding@amenityforum.co.uk