Haddonstone’s Barbara Hepworth inspired design at Tate Britain

Haddonstone’s St Ives Modro System™, inspired by a 1950s Barbara Hepworth textile design, will launch at the Tate Britain tomorrow (Wednesday 24 June) for the ‘Barbara Hepworth; Sculpture for a Modern World’ exhibition.

Born in 1903, Barbara Hepworth lived in St Ives from 1949 until her death in 1975. The exhibition will emphasise Barbara Hepworth’s often overlooked prominence in the international art world, of which she was a leading figure in the 1930s and one of the most successful artists in the world during the 1950s and 1960s. The exhibition charts Barbara Hepworth’s progress from small carvings she made as a young woman to the magnificent bronzes that became part of the great sculpture collections of the world.




The concept for the unique modular design of the St Ives Modro System™ comes from Rosie Irving, designed by Rosie Irving and Antonia Young. Inspired by Hepworth’s textile design in striking black and white colours, Haddonstone has transformed the design into a three dimensional form with contrasting smooth Portland colours against textured Slate colours. The segments create a formal seating layout softened by planted sections in the composition of the Hepworth design.



The St Ives Modro System™ allows designers, developers and private clients to enhance any open space with a robust contemporary design – whether a private garden, public park, commercial or residential development. Being modular, a client can either recreate the Hepworth design in its entirety or just use certain elements, either to create an entirely new shape or just to use a particular segment of the original.