Hackney Borough Council’s Parks and Green Spaces team now has the best possible safe working conditions equipped with Makita battery powered line trimmers, blowers and hedgecutters, having dropped traditional petrol machines on health, safety and environmental grounds.

The Council’s policy is to remove all petrol power from local operations by 2020. Switching to Makita’s 36v cordless tools eliminates the vibration risks that can harm staff with long-term Hand Arm Vibration-HAV injuries such as White Finger and joint and circulation problems. The Makita machines offer a considerable reduction in vibration and can be used all day without harm to the operators.

Additionally, using battery powered grounds care machines means that exhaust emissions are zero – petrol engine exhaust fumes are eliminated and the risk of ground contamination from spilt petrol and oil is removed altogether.

Parks should be places of solitude where traditional machines make an awful noise but the battery powered Makita tools are significantly quieter whilst still delivering a professional performance to cut long grass and remove debris. This quiet approach means that the team can work around schools, hospitals and cemeteries without causing nuisance and annoyance.

“Removing some petrol powered equipment will help reduce the risk of staff suffering from hand-arm vibration and ensure they have some of the latest battery powered equipment to maintain the standards of parks and green spaces in Hackney.”  Hackney Borough Council statement.

Hackney Borough Council is now equipped with a fleet of 36volt Makita machines powered by lightweight Lithium-Ion batteries in conjunction with the fastest charging system in the industry. The DUB362 leaf blower delivers more air volume than a 4-stroke petrol blower and weighs just 4.1kg. The DUR364 line trimmer has the motor in the hub of the cutting head for perfect balance in operation whilst the DUH551 hedge trimmer has double sided cutting action and will easily cut 18mm diameter boughs. These machines have been prepared and supplied to Hackney’s Parks and Green Spaces team by Makita distributor Ernest Doe of Rochford and are covered by a full three year warranty.

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