GROUNDSMAN Turf Cutters & Turf Aerators

Groundsman Industries are based in Co Antrim N. Ireland manufacturing the unique GROUNDSMAN brand of professional Turf Cutters and Turf Aerators for landscape and sports turf renovation and maintenance. With over 25 years of experience and a worldwide reputation for durable high performance equipment, Groundsman have two models in their range that are ideal for general landscape renovations, estate and garden maintenance.

The Groundsman Model TMC26 Turf Cutter offers exceptional traction and cutting ability, low hand arm vibrations (HAV) and range of cutting blades from 12″ to 24″ widths to 3” depth.

The Groundsman Model 345HD Turf Aerator, renowned for its reliability and performance and wide range of quick-change Solid and Hollow Tines for Aeration to 5” depth plus Cluster Tines for thatch removal and over-seeding.


Turf Cutting

If you are involved in Landscaping, Grass Maintenance or Turf Renovation then you will most likely at some stage have a requirement for a good Turf Cutter. If given the opportunity to use a Groundsman machine, you will notice within the first few feet the smooth effortless cutting ability, ease of use and operating comfort the Groundsman range are renowned for.

Groundsman two and four wheel drive Turf Cutters cut sod down to 7cm (3”) thick and from 30cm (12”) widths up to 60cm (24”) widths. A range of other blades are available working down to 13cm (5”) depth, these include a Trench Blade, Sub-soil De-compactor, Mole-drain and a Cable Insertion Blade.

The TMC26 is the general purpose model in the range, it is extremely capable in all types of grass surfaces and soil conditions, manoeuvrable in work, portable and easy to operate with the lowest hand-arm vibration levels (HAV) on the market.



Groundsman Model TMC26 Turf Cutter

Turf Aeration

Groundsman also specialise in Turf Aerators. The Groundsman Model 345HD is a pedestrian machine with a long proven record of rugged reliability and performance second to none. This compact professional machine has an overall width of 80cm (32”) enabling it to access most garden gates, it can aerate all type of grass surfaces including Gardens, Parklands, Fine Lawns and Sports Greens. The crank driven plunge action mechanism will drive the tines into the most compacted of surfaces to a maximum depth of 13cm (5”) with very little surface disruption. Quick change Hollow Core, Solid and Slitting Tines are available plus Cluster Tine Heads for thatch removal or surface preparation for over-seeding.


Groundsman Model 345HD Turf Aerator

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