GreenBlue Urban – Celebrates 30 Years! Join us in Manchester or London to Celebrate 30 Years!

The last 30 years have been an astonishing journey – from a small one-man business operating from a domestic garage to today’s highly organised efficient operation, centred near Hastings and distributing to over 30 different countries.  This growth has been driven by a desire to improve the quality of life for urban users globally by revolutionising the design and implementation of urban green infrastructure.

Trees and the urban environment have always been at the heart of what we do. Far too many trees die prematurely in our heavily engineered towns and cities. Overcoming the many constraints for tree establishment is our expertise.

Included in our passion for green within our grey spaces is a firm committal to reduce waste material being discarded into landfill or burnt in incinerators.

Every year GreenBlue Urban repurposes millions of tonnes of waste plastic by turning this end-of-life polymer into products which support healthy tree growth and assist with storm water management. This refusal to use virgin material costs GreenBlue Urban more – but confirms our dedication to the environment and to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

Importantly, we manufacture in Britain, for the European market. This is unique in this sector, GreenBlue Urban has recently purchased the manufacturing company that make our products, bringing in-house so that we have full control of our material sourcing and quality control.

Working closely with BBA, GreenBlue Urban have achieved a BBA certificate for the RootSpace soil cell system – a first in the world. Testing continues to upgrade this certificate to gain a higher rating; again, this has not been achieved by any other soil cell. In the meantime, we are about to launch the EPD for the system – an Environmental Product Declaration, which can help achieve a better BREAAM rating on new buildings.

Moving our brand towards; Green, Blue, Smart Space and Air, innovation and product development continues for the long term, look out for celebratory events in Manchester and London and the launch of Edition 10 our NEW Urban Design Guide!

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