GRAMM EcoSoundBlok Acoustic Barrier – Space Saving Alternative to Earth Bunds

Ecological noise barriers that offer effective protection against noise pollution or nuisance while also contributing positively to protecting the environment. These are barriers that blend harmoniously into the natural environment and become more attractive as the greenery grows with every year that passes. This plant growth also helps to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

The extensive green wall from Gramm, called the EcoSoundBlok, is the absolute ‘top of the tree’ when it comes to green noise barriers. A screen of living green is a structure that is able to save space and grow to full size without the need for any artificial edifice, thanks to natural precipitation.

Key Advantages of GRAMM EcoSoundBlok

  • No Foundation Required saving the expense of providing foundations thanks to their natural stability
  • No need to remove spoil from site as it can be used in the construction of the barrier
  • Life Span 50 – 75 years
  • Product has been tested to 67db “Highly Absorbent” on both sides
  • Excellent Insulator & Long life durability
  • Low Maintenance Costs & Graffiti Resistant
  • Green & completely recyclable
  • No requirement for any supplementary provisions in terms of irrigation installations
  • Adds to the quality of the environment with greenery and CO2 reduction
  • Responsible Landscaping 01323 872243