Get To Grips With ultafors’ Tools! Real craftsmanship has its roots in history and tradition….

So, with nearly 300 years of design and manufacturing behind the brand, it’s fair to say that Hultafors Tools are probably the world’s leading handtools for ergonomics, precision quality, power and durability.

Hultafors’ can provide you with just about anything you need for measuring, leveling and marking; striking, cutting and chopping; even prying and wrecking. So these really are Tools that can handle tough applications, last for ages and feel right when you’re working on site.

There’s Fisco Tape Measures, with advanced precision technology that guarantees the highest standards of measuring accuracy. The unique range of Craftsman’s Knives and Chisels are designed to combine maximum sharpness with hard-wearing durability.

Hultafors Spirit Levels are used around the world and renowned for their levelling accuracy and Lasers that will deliver the ultimate in precision. And, with Hand Axes, Wrecking Bars, Hammers and Surveying Tools this really is a comprehensive product range of specialist equipment for just about any trade you can name.

Getting more information on the Hultafors Tools range is easy. You call the Helpline on 01484 854788 or check out and download a digital catalogue.