Gardening Trends to Inspire You in 2020

Gardening trends to inspire you in 2020

Garden trends have changed drastically over the past decade as people change the way they use their gardens and look to become eco-friendlier at the same time. Creating a practical space which is easy to maintain and comfortable to use can be a daunting task, but with a little planning and preparation, you can create an up-to-date and modern garden which will add that wow factor to your property.

From plants, flowers and shrubs, to creating designated areas and secluded spaces in the garden, specialists Oeco Garden Rooms give us some of their top gardening predictions on what will be trending in 2020 so that you can create the perfect space for you and your family.

Creating designated garden areas

The ultimate goal when planning any garden is to create a flexible space which has the right combination between plants, flowers and foliage, and inviting spaces in which to relax, unwind and entertain in. Designating specific areas of the garden is a great way of creating comfortable areas to entertain in as well as space for the family to play and have fun.

Establishing boundaries between different areas can be achieved by planting simple borders, installing a patio or decking area, or building a fence to create secluded areas for reading, relaxing and even al fresco dining.

Investing in high-quality garden furniture

If there is one place to invest in the garden, then it is in your garden furniture. Cheap garden furniture will weather and fade a lot faster than high-quality products, and with the majority of us cutting down on waste and being more economical with our money there has been a resurgence of people investing in high quality and handmade garden furniture that is designed to last.

Rattan furniture is one of the top choices when it comes to high-quality garden furniture and with good reason. Rattan is strong and durable, able to withstand the changing seasons and is available in a number of different colours and styles to suit any garden. Rattan furniture is also ideal for casual seating areas and alfresco dining.

Another popular choice for garden furniture is solid wood furniture; these will generally need a little bit of maintenance to keep them looking new, but in turn, will last for many years. Wooden furniture makes a style statement in the garden and creates a sense of luxury and extravagance, but be sure to buy sustainably sourced or reclaimed wooden furniture for peace of mind.

Planting native flowers, plants and shrubs

There has been a big shift in the types of flowers, plants and shrubs gardeners’ plant in their gardens. In years gone by people planted flowers, shrubs and borders to create colourful collages without much thought to the environment or local wildlife.

That has all changed over the past few years as gardeners continue to make a conscious effort to use native plants and local resources to create gardens that closely mimic the nature around them. Perennials such as the Pasque flower and Bellflower create pops of colour, while Primrose blooms with pale yellow flowers in the Spring. Wildflowers such as Corncockle, Pyramidal orchid and Harebells add a natural touch while creating an ecosystem for local wildlife to live and thrive.

A trend in organic gardening will become popular over the next few years too as gardeners learn about the benefits of ‘going organic’. From healthier soil, stronger and bigger plants and greener lawns, to robust ecosystems of minibeasts, birds and other wildlife, organic gardening is at the forefront of reversing the damage done by decades of chemical and pesticide use.

There are other ways of attracting local wildlife to your garden too, including adding a birdbath or pond, leaving a small area of your garden to overgrow for shelter and food, and by planting pollinator-friendly flowers.