Garden Tool Tips

Tips on what garden tools you’d require to bring a country garden to the city pad or the other way around

Country – City

Plant seeds!

Growing plants, foliage, shrubbery and trees is absolutely key if you’re looking to bring the country aesthetic into your garden. A great idea is to research the area that you’re influencing the garden on and see which plants grow there. That way you can plant the seeds and create your own ideal little countryside. Ryobi’s 18v Cordless Seed Sprayer works with dry materials including seed, fertiliser, salt and feed, and it can distribute them at variable flow rates and to a variation of distribution area sizes.

Utilise your hedges and bushes

Whether you are trimming them down, smartening them up, or styling them in a specific shape, hedges and bushes can be a real feature in the garden and they require maintenance. In the city, you may have a smaller garden that is packed in tight within your neighbours’ outdoor spaces. A hedge could be the perfect solution for privacy, while having the greenery feel that a countryside can offer. Using Ryobi’s 18v Cordless Hedge Trimmer will allow the user to shape or cut hedges with ease.


City – Country

Smarten up your lawns

If you have big lawns and want to bring in a smarter city feel to them, it is essential to keep on top of them and make sure they are trimmed. Any overgrown or uneven grass areas can look instantly untidy, so keeping them in shape is a go-to for any city-styled garden. Ryobi’s Cordless Brushless 40cm Lawnmower has a 50L capacity, which is perfect for the bigger lawns. It also has a 40cm cutting path, which will help save a lot of time when mowing, as a bigger surface area is covered by the blades.

Patio perfection

As many country gardens have a lot of different uses, from farm work to being a place for pets and animals to live, parts of the grounds can be in need of some TLC. Paving and patios can become dirty and untidy with weeds and discoloured slabs, so sprucing them up can enable them to reflect a slick city feel. Ryobi’s 18v Cordless Patio Cleaner with Wire Brush easily clears weeds and grass from between bricks and flagging, while its 18v Patio Cleaner with Scrubbing Brush can give the paving or decking a good clean and a scrub.