Garden Hideouts

A garden room provides people with two main benefits – the opportunity to create exactly the space they want with all the features they need and the chance to escape the interruptions of everyday life.

The line between ‘posh sheds’ and garden rooms is quite blurred and as more people are now realising that there is no reason why an extra room in their garden cannot be just as beautifully designed as any room in their house, the amount they are spending can easily reach £50k, for example.  At Garden Hideouts we have our own interior design team and if a client specifies expensive fittings, furniture and fabrics then the price for a luxury ‘granny flat’, with a dressing area and an en suite bathroom – completely furnished and ready to go – can be as much as £68k. A ‘man cave’ with a great sound system, TV, a bar and a bathroom would probably cost in the region of £45k.


The market for garden rooms – be it a room beside a swimming pool, a tranquil place to work or place where teenagers can hang out without disturbing the rest of the family grew by 22% last year. It seems that Britain’s long love affair with sheds (at around 12 million we have more, proportionally, than any other country) has now spilled over into a trend for something a bit grander. With stamp duty and all the other expense and hassle of moving to a bigger house, they can make a lot of sense.

If necessary, garden rooms can be built on site, so restricted access need not be that much of an issue and they can usually be installed in surprisingly small gardens. The only real consideration is access to sewerage – assuming your garden room has a loo – which can be quite expensive to sort out. Other than that, the main consideration is which spot will offer the best view of the garden or the surrounding countryside. In general, garden rooms which are no more than 2.5m tall dont need planning permission. However, there are exceptions including Areas of Outstanding National Beauty and listed buildings.  



Arca, from £39,950

Shepherd Hut, from £29,950

Garden Pod, from £22,950