Encourage cycling with NEW Letterform cycle stands from Furnitubes International

In a recent survey of around 2million adults in the UK, over 4% cycled every day or nearly every day. There is no doubt that cycling is fast becoming a popular method of transport, and with that our town centres, workplaces and leisure facilities need to provide increased provisions for cyclist parking, giving them peace of mind and convenience when leaving their bike unattended.

Introducing the new Letterform range of cycle stands, designed by Furnitubes’ in-house designers the range brings something very different to cycle parking provision – letters can be arranged to spell out the cycle parking function, the name of the site, company, school or even a message. An all- Letterform arrangement makes a striking feature, particularly at prominent positions on a site, such as along a front boundary or facade, serving not just the practical role of providing cycle parking, but also reinforcing the identity of the establishment. A complementary simple square form ‘blank’, which can be used as spacing or as additional parking for use when more cycling parking is required is also available.

All Letterform cycle stands have the option for bolt down or root fixed installation. As standard, each letter is manufactured in heavy duty steel bar with a polyamide coating to provide a robust, secure and attractive product for many years.

About the company
Leading London-based street furniture supplier Furnitubes International Ltd has been designing and supplying park, street and amenity furniture for over seventy years. Their commitment to innovation and design began in 1946 when marine engineer Jack Cluer started the business re-using steel tubes from the post-war marine shipyards to produce materials for the new NHS, schools and for London County Council.

Now, more than 70 years later, Furnitubes is still owned by the Cluer family, and continues to bring a ‘can-do’ approach to sourcing, tailoring and designing Street Furniture for clients from across the UK and the world in all sectors – from retail and healthcare through highways and schools.

For further information please visit www.furnitubes.com, contact us on 020 8378 3200 or email marketing2@furnitubes.com.