Elevating Playground Safety with Gerro™ Combi

For us, safety is not just a goal – it is our legacy. Drawing from our extensive experience in the lifting industry, we crafted the Gerro™ Combi system to bring the same high level of standards to your playground. Through rigorous testing and decades of industry expertise, our equipment is engineered to endure even the toughest conditions, guaranteeing countless hours of safe play and activity for children.

The Gerro™ Combi system is trusted worldwide in a variety of applications, from playgrounds to sports equipment, protection nets, and beyond. As a complete system supplier, we offer a wide range of ferrules, terminals, clamps, and combination ropes, along with state-of-the-art swaging machines and tooling.

Our versatile range and customisable options ensure that your playground designs come to life effortlessly. With the ability to tailor ferrules and fittings to your specific needs, we can transform your remarkable playground visions into reality.

Crafted for Excellence – Gerro™ Combi Ferrules Experience the difference with Gerro™ Combi ferrules. Made from high-grade aluminium for maximum durability and minimum maintenance, our ferrules ensure a safe environment for play that will last for decades. Thanks to the innovative design, Gerro™ Combi ferrules are swaged with smooth edges, making them efficient to work with and safer to use for children when playing. Whether your playground uses the common 16 mm diameter or requires solutions for ropes of 18-, 20-, 22-, or 24-mm diameters, we have the perfect fit for your project. Additionally, we provide design and testing services and can develop special fittings upon request.

Precision and Power – Gerro™ Combi Swagers From portable 5-tonne swagers to larger models capable of swaging up to 250 tonnes, Gerro™ Combi offers a diverse range of machines to suit your playground needs. They are designed with the operator in mind, offering a user-friendly, compact design built to handle large volumes year over year. Additionally, our new automatic cutting machine is specially engineered to enhance playground netting production. With consistent cuts and precise lengths, it is the ideal choice for improving efficiency and streamlining your processes.

Unrivalled Support – Gerro™ Combi Service and Repair Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products. With market-leading technical support and first-class after-sales service, our knowledgeable teams are ready to assist you every step of the way. Whether you need guidance, repairs, or on-site support, we have got you covered. Visit www.talurit.com or contact us directly for more information.