Ecochoice launches fossilised timber decking and cladding range

At last an exterior timber that is economical, durable and chemical-free.
OrganoWood decking and cladding arrives at your project semi weathered (bleached) and turns to a natural silvery grey quicker than usual thanks to its innovative fossilisation process. 
Inspired by nature, the fossilisation process binds Silica (the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust) into the wood fibres to create a durable layer of protection against rot and fire. As an inert element, Silicon is safe and environment friendly, posing no risks to both health and ecosystem.
Instead of the heavy-metal biocides usually used in impregnated timber, OrganoWood os also coated with a second Silicon solution, making it water repellent so that water simply bounces off its surface (just like a new rain jacket). This protects the timber from dirt and improves its longevity.
OrganoWood is available as decking or cladding boards from Ecochoice and will weather to a beautiful silver-grey, just like natural timber.
Cambridge based Ecochoice is readily available ((0845 6381340) to assist you with any details and samples of OrganoWood or any other exterior timber requirements.
Call Ecochoice on 0845 638 1340 or email