Ecoborder gives a perfect, environmentally friendly edge to gardens & landscaped areas

Making life easier for gardeners, landscapers, groundsmen and Peppa Pig is the revolutionary Ecoborder – the latest in a line of innovative products from Barkston Ltd.

Ecoborder is a high quality, cost effective, environmentally friendly landscape edging solution. Offering simple and quick installation – it literally connects together and stakes in place with no need for digging – Ecoborder saves time, money and the environment.  That’s because this sturdy, reusable new landscape edge is made from recycled crumb rubber which diverts from landfill.  While contributing to a greener planet, the material used to make Ecoborder also brings commercial benefits because it is virtually indestructible meaning users of Ecoborder will not have to worry about maintaining or replacing their edging anytime soon.

“Ecoborder is so easy to install and is such a versatile, changeable and reusable system that we wanted to make it available to everyone.  Ecoborder has a neat mower edge design which eliminates the need for string trimming too” explains Chairman Tim Kiernan.   “The recycled rubber in Ecoborder means it is also incredibly safe and ideal for public spaces.  Paulton’s Family Theme Park have had good reports from their gardening team on the Ecoborder product which has been used in the Peppa Pig area of the theme park”.

Ecoborder offers quick, easy installation, convenience and excellent value for money as well as meaning we can all do our bit to help the environment.  This user and environmentally friendly edging system comes in 4ft lengths with stakes and connectors so it is ready to use.  There’s no need for any specialist tools or equipment.
More Details – Installation Instructions

  • EcoBorder pieces are 4 ft in length
  • Use it against the lawn, adjacent to a walkway or patio, or to trim around a fixture like a fence
  • Ecoborder lengths bend up to 70 degrees from end-to-end
  • Most installations will not need to cut the product at all until they get to the very end of the run – the part where they will usually bump into the house.  At this point, cut with a handsaw or hacksaw (use a miter box for a more accurate cut).
  • DIY-ers should be able to install about 50 feet in an hour.
  • Ecoborder is only available in the UK at or via 0113 249 2222