Eco Clipper to reduce mowing costs

Mowing costs are an important part of the total maintenance costs for lawn managers. With this insight in mind, Eco Clipper develops large area mowers that help field managers minimize mowing costs while producing a clean result. The Eco Clipper mowing system was originally developed to replace the cylinder mower on turfgrass production. The goal was to maintain the cutting performance of a properly tuned cylinder mower, but not the high maintenance requirement and sensitivity to mowing conditions.

In turfgrass production, Eco Clipper mowers are the popular choice today. The width (from 4,11 till 14,11 m) and high possible cutting speed (till 15 mph) maximize productivity, while the efficient electric powertrain with small blades reduces fuel consumption. In addition, the smooth, lightweight open decks allow you to mow in wet grass, controlling the grass growth and minimizing clippings.

Municipalities and sports field and park managers have also discovered the advantages of the Eco Clipper mowing system. For them, Eco Clipper has developed the 4,11m wide EC-FM4 Sport. The 4.11 m wide mower features four independent cutting decks. For the FM4 Sport, the side decks can be folded separately, which makes it possible to mow narrow passages. The forward position provides excellent visibility for the tractor operator.

The smooth cutting decks with fast rotating small blades ensure a high quality of cut and a good distribution of the clippings. The clippings are also well spread in wet grass. This makes it possible to schedule this mower almost independently of the weather.

To operate the mower 40 HP is already sufficient. The electricity to drive the mower is generated by a PTO driven generator. For larger tractors, the generator can be fitted on the front mower. For smaller tractors and optimized weight balance Eco Clipper offers a separate generator unit for behind the tractor.

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