Driving Toward a Greener Future with ArborCharge

One question that is on many minds is “what will our towns and cities look like in the future”? Well, nobody knows, but one thing is sure – it’s going to be different from what we have been used to. There seems to be little doubt that pedestrians and cyclists will have higher priority than they have for the past one hundred years or so, and that issues such as air quality and the heat island effect of our concrete jungles will remain high on the agenda.

As a general rule, authorities are looking to implement sustainable drainage systemspollution-free travelreduction of temperatures in urban areasimproved air quality and other environmental interventions which will improve the quality of life for residents.

The GreenBlue Urban ArborSystem with Arborflow and ArborCharge. The new package ticks all the boxes, and what is so unique is that the tree that is central, guaranteed to grow to species potential size and age, year after year to bring the huge benefits that only a healthy tree can provide. The Arborflow module attenuates and cleanses stormwater, reducing pressure on the limited drainage networks, and irrigating and feeding the tree.

The new ArborCharge option adds the ability to include electric car charging! Whilst excavating the tree pit you can now identify and join into an electrical supply to supply the charging units.

Trees bring so many advantages to humanity; as we begin to adapt to the changes in our global climates we need to make the small steps fast, to bring the big changes soon.

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