Creative Wall Decoration for Outdoor Use

It’s finally Spring again, and that means time to brighten up your balcony or terrace! Why not try something different this year and adorn your outside space with your favourite, self-taken landscape photos? WhiteWall, an online photo lab based in Germany, offers the perfect finish for this exact use. Their HD Metal Print combines the brilliant colours of a true photographic print with the durability of a direct print. The images are not only UV-resistant, but also impervious to moisture – Making it ideal to be hung on your outside wall.

Rich Colours in the Highest Resolution: the HD Metal Print from WhiteWall

  • A sublimation print resistant to scratching, moisture, and fading
  • Available in custom sizes and with two different surfaces

The brilliant colours of a true photographic print with the durability of a direct print — that’s the HD Metal Print from the online photo service WhiteWall ( It combines maximum resolution with extreme resilience. The image, which is applied to an aluminium panel through a unique thermal sublimation printing process, is UV-resistant and impervious to moisture. Thus, this new product is not only perfect for indoor use, including in bathrooms, kitchens, or even saunas, but can also be displayed outdoors. The HD Metal Print is available with a smooth or brushed surface.

Renowned for its striking appearance and incredible durability, the HD Metal Print is also just 1 millimetre thick and light as a feather. The impressive colour spectrum is made possible thanks to a special sublimation printing process. First, an inkjet print of the image is made onto a transfer material. Then, using very high heat and pressure, it is steamed into the aluminium, which has special layers for this purpose. The heat opens the surface’s pores, enabling them to take in the inks perfectly. After cooling, the inks are completely locked in, which is what makes them especially long-lasting. Therefore, the thermal sublimation print on metal is resistant to UV rays, scratches, and moisture.

The HD Metal Print has a glossy surface that can be ordered in smooth or brushed. The aluminium panels used for the smooth prints have a white primer, so that colourful and brilliant pictures can be reproduced with the utmost detail and richest colours. By comparison, the transparent layer with the brushed texture is optimal for making the most of black-and-white photographs. The brightest parts of the image are not printed, giving the whole picture an extravagant, metallic appearance.

With custom sizes ranging from 9×9 cm to 150×100 cm, the HD Metal Print can also be ordered with rounded corners, angled corners, or even in circular formats. Those seeking an even more upmarket presentation for their image can also select the perfect frame from a wide array of mouldings. Integrated picture hanging hardware makes putting the HD Metal Print on the wall a piece of cake. At photokina 2014, WhiteWall introduced the new product to the very knowledgeable audience.

About WhiteWall

WhiteWall is a trademark of the Berlin-based Avenso GmbH, which has run the photo lab as well as the online photo service since 2007. An official partner of the FEP (Federation of European Photographers), WhiteWall is valued for outstanding quality among professional and hobby photographers alike. With its LUMAS brand, Avenso GmbH has been democratizing the art market for over ten years with hand-signed limited editions by renowned artists from all around the world. All of the photographic works and products of Avenso GmbH are exclusively produced in, and shipped from, the WhiteWall photo lab in Frechen, near Cologne, Germany.