Copely is a British hose and tube manufacturer, with over 50 years’ worth of experience in the industry. Copely has established a reputation for innovation and has designed and manufactured a number of hoses that are ideal for both professional and domestic gardening.

For the Gardening and Landscaping Pro

Aquaflex® is Copely’s heavy-duty all-terrain hose. Its multi-layered construction delivers superior flexibility and resilience in all weather conditions, while its ultra-smooth liner ensures water flow performance. Its abrasion and kink-resistance allow for longevity and performance levels that exceed that of comparable products in the professional hose market. Aquaflex® offers ease of handling and exceptional durability. Its resistance to bending, crushing and pulling, making it an ideal choice for landscaping applications as well as for other professional and domestic gardening uses.


The Popular Choice

A hugely popular choice for domestic and professional use worldwide is Copely’s Evergreen hose. A reinforced hose, renowned for its flexibility, performance and reliability. It is designed with Copely’s own Spiralap technology to ensure a longer lifespan. With its kink and abrasion-resistant properties and ability to withstand a range of temperatures, Evergreen is a perfect choice for landscaping, along with other professional and domestic applications.


The Unstoppable Hoses

Everflow, endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, has been developed with Copely’s own unique Evercore® technology that ensure water flow cannot be cut off, and that total pressure loss is made virtually impossible. Everflow is able to maintain a constant flow of water, even with knots and kinks. It’s anti-kink properties, combined with its superior flexibility and ability withstand a wide temperature range make Everflow is an ideal choice for both domestic and professional gardening purposes.

Aquaflex Proflow® offers the same exceptional durability as Aquaflex®, but with the added benefit of unstoppable flow performance. Like the Everflow, this hose is also designed with Copely’s Evercore® technology, to ensure a constant flow of water. The multi-layered construction of Aquaflex Proflow® also provides superior flexibility and resilience in all weather conditions, making it a good fit for landscaping applications.

All of Copely’s hose are proudly made in Britain. We aim to continue to build our brand as a reputable, customer-centric British manufacturer that invests in innovation to meet our customer’s needs. Copely also supplies a range of hoses and accessories for other industries and applications.

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