Clearstone resin bound: perfectly practical and stunning paving for classic home

Project Brief:

The Fearns had been living in their magnificent Georgian style home for five years when the original resin bound driveway started to break up.

“We bought from developers and they’d probably installed the drive fairly cheaply to sell. The action of vehicles turning in one spot had destroyed the surface and we knew that it would just get worse,” says Charles Fearn.

A neighbour recommended Clearstone and so the Fearns called Sales Director Andy Forsey for a quote.

Charles Fearn thought about having the new resin-bound installed over the existing, “but I didn’t like the idea of it cambering off at the edges. I preferred to lift the old and start afresh.”

Project Solution:

Due to the way it had been installed, stripping off the old resin bound proved more difficult than anticipated. When Clearstone’s craftsmen started to lift the original resin bound, the asphalt sub-base came with it.

Undeterred and, at their own expense, Clearstone hired a road-planing machine to remove the existing resin-bound surface. “We wanted to deliver as far as possible on time for the Fearns and we pride ourselves on the highest quality professional finish,” says Operations Director Spencer Kennard.

Project Installation Details:

Clearstone’s client: Homeowner Charles Fearn

Location: Epsom, Surrey

Size: 454 m2.

Colour: Spruce

Installed: April 2016

Project Conclusion:

The Fearns are delighted with their Clearstone resin-bound paving.

“It looks much, much better,” enthuses Charles Fearn. “We chose Spruce which complements the house far better than the original grey.”

Clearstone use only the highest quality resin and guarantee their work for a minimum of 10 years. With seven years experience behind them, Clearstone is proud of its reputation for excellent product and service.