Classic Oak Framed Garages With Rooms Above

Introducing: The Classic Barn Company

Bespoke oak framed garages and outbuildings with rooms above, including landscaping and groundwork services for urban and countryside locations

By Linda Parker / Journalist & Blogger: Interiors : Lifestyle : Design

The Classic Barn Company are award-winning designers and builders of oak-framed garages, garden buildings, outbuildings and leisure buildings. They also design garages with room above accommodation, which can provide extra living and working spaces for all types of homes – from contemporary country homes to urban homes that need extra space for family and friends. Each oak-framed building is individually designed so all requirements can be addressed – from very specific space and utility requirements, to the positioning and aspect of the building within its’ allotted area.

Complete Service

As each building is unique, the Classic Barn Company offers a complete turnkey service, beginning with a design conversation with the client and ending with completion of the building project as well as surrounding landscaping requirements. Director Andrew Guppy says ‘Each project is completely bespoke and we are conscious that not only does each oak building we design have to be perfectly suited to its’ surroundings, we have to ensure that the surrounding landscaping we provide sits well within the wider urban area too’. Design details for the new project can be incorporated to link the new structure with existing features on current buildings, so for example a new oak structure can have a contemporary feel, yet still sit comfortably alongside an established home, and can use traditional construction methods. ‘We never forget that our buildings are steeped in tradition and craftsmanship but have to address and adhere to 21st century requirements’ he adds.

Experience & Values

The Classic Barn Company are accredited members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen and have been featured in many of the leading specialist homes and interior magazines, as well as on TV. As oak specialists, the design team produces plans for projects that not only look stunning but which involve both traditional and modern construction methods. Each oak frame building is built using traditional mortise and tenon joints, a technique that is centuries old and which enables new oak frame structures to stand straight and sturdy whilst settling into position. The structural details of these joints and hand-curved frames are desirable characteristics in themselves, and even more so when deliberately exposed as an attractive feature. Room Above habitable accommodations are also included in The Classic Barn Company’s repertoire. Andrew Guppy explains ‘Room Above designs begin life as a modular room which is then adjusted and tailored to provide a bespoke and individual room above a garage or other type of outbuilding, and which can be used as extra habitable accommodation’. It’s worth noting that these rooms above are designed with particular attention to ventilation, insulation and power requirements and can be seamlessly integrated into the needs of a busy household, adding a guest room, office-business space or a creative/studio type space.

Building Regs, Planning, Advice

The Classic Barn Company designers are well-versed in the various aspects of Planning Permission, Building Regulations and Permitted Development. Before embarking on the design journey itself there will be a conversation with the client regarding the classification of the building land. From then onwards Andrew Guppy and his team will be able to move forwards with drawing up plans, and also advise regarding the relevant applications and further liaisons with planning officers. The commitment to building oak structures that are purposeful, beautiful and practical is at the heart of the Classic Barn Company’s existence. Their one-contractor accountability allows each individual project to be utterly focussed and completed to exacting standards. Andrew Guppy points out ‘We are in regular contact with the relevant authorities and every single one of our projects is developed to fit in with their requirements and at the same time, achieve exactly the results that our client wants’.

View Projects

Prospective clients are often keen to visit completed projects, and the team can arrange visits to comparable sites. As Andrew Guppy explains, ‘It’s really useful for clients to see the reality of our designs and craftsmanship, and it often results in concepts being expanded after a visit and observation of the detail and quality of our work’. A lot of Classic Barn’s project are within the Southern Counties and there is a regional office in Ascot, Berkshire. For more information, the team can be contacted for a telephone consultation, or visit the website to request their comprehensive and informative brochure.

Watch Completed Oak Framed Garages Including Room Above Designs.

In this video… clients are able to gaze at completed oak framed garages and room above designs from all angles and to see the beautiful attention to detail. Andrew Guppy wanted to show his prospective clients an array of  finished projects in all their glory. ‘We decided to make the film so that past, present and future clients can truly see our oak work from all angles’ he says. ‘It’s a huge advantage to be able to see what they look like from above, and to be able to visualise the finished building within it’s landscape’. It’s not just the sturdy oak frames that are shown, the camera lingers on features such as exterior staircases, elegant decks, roof windows and perfectly proportioned rooms above. ‘We wanted clients to be able to see a good selection of our designs’ he continues. One of the most stunning projects is an oak-framed garage, with almost full-height windows along one wall. In another example there are sweeping views of an equestrian block, with close-ups of the stable doors. It shows clearly the details that matter, such as the pegs and dovetails as well as the K-braces, which are all integral to the structure. There’s stunning footage of open bays and soaring ceilings with the exposed oak beams, as well as smaller but no less important details such as door furniture, automatic door opening systems, exterior lighting and rainwater goods.

Completed Classic Barn Oak Framed Buildings