Civic Tree’s Latest Method In Tree Relocation.

Since 1963, Civic Trees have been at the forefront of tree relocation throughout the UK, from importing the very first Vermeer tree spade into Europe, to designing and constructing the Newman Frame which is now used worldwide.

Civic Trees are always looking to pioneer new techniques that aid the relocation of trees.

Tree relocation is a concept that involves uprooting trees from one location and transplanting them to another. With current events surrounding environmental issues, relocating trees is even
more important now than ever before. By relocating trees instead of cutting them down, we can preserve nature’s beauty while also promoting sustainability.

We are proud of our reputation for efficient, cost effective and reliable tree relocation throughout the UK. You can be confident that through our exemplary commitment to staff training and development, our work meets the highest technical and safety standards.

We believe that a tree is only as good as the way it is handled, planted and maintained. Ground preparation and aftercare are crucial to the
successful establishment of the tree.

Before we start the tree move process we arrange a site visit with our client and assess the tree’s health, size, and root system. We also create a site specific risk assessment to ensure the whole operation is carried out safely. Our team of experts use specialised equipment to excavate the tree with minimal damage to its root structure. The tree is then carefully transported to its new location, where it is replanted and nurtured to ensure its successful adaptation.

Our experienced team will know and understand the benefits and methods of loading and unloading a tree using the correct lifting techniques in order not to stress the tree or root ball. This is imperative for the longevity of the tree’s life. In conclusion, tree relocation is an environmentally friendly method that allows us to preserve nature’s beauty while supporting urban growth. By carefully uprooting and relocating trees, we can maintain the valuable benefits they provide to our communities. Civic Trees prides itself in paying great attention to the health and well being of our clients most prized asset “THE TREE”.