Choosing your perfect lawn seed is as easy as 1,2,3

A helpful guide from the experts at Johnsons Lawn Seed

As the UK’s premier lawn brand, Johnsons Lawn Seed takes pride in being both the oldest and the most trusted name in the business. We understand that not everyone possesses the same depth of knowledge as we do, making the task of selecting the ideal lawn seed a daunting one at times. With a commitment to simplifying this process, our team has crafted a user-friendly guide to ensure that lawn owners always make the most informed choices.

Why does the right seed matter?

While all lawns may appear green, each one is unique in its own right. Factors such as usage patterns, drainage capabilities, and underlying soil composition vary from lawn to lawn, making the notion of a universal solution impractical. Different grass varieties are meticulously bred to address these diverse needs, rejecting the concept of a one-size-fits-all approach to lawn care.

With a legacy spanning over a century in plant breeding and seed production, our parent company, DLF Seeds, stands as a beacon of trust in the industry. Leveraging this extensive experience, Johnsons Lawn Seed meticulously selects, cultivates, and rigorously tests all grass species before blending them into tailored mixtures designed for domestic use, capable of withstanding whatever we might throw at our lawns.

How to choose your perfect lawn seed

STEP 1 – Identify your lawn’s primary concerns

The initial step in achieving a lush lawn involves understanding its unique circumstances and identifying any factors that may impact its health and appearance. Whether it’s the presence of pets, frequent use by children, shaded areas caused by surrounding trees, or unsightly bald patches in need of repair, recognising these challenges is essential. Equally important is considering your lawn care preferences, whether you’re dedicated to meticulous maintenance or prefer a low-maintenance approach.

STEP 2 – Select the ideal mix

Once you’ve assessed your lawn’s needs, it’s time to find the perfect match among our diverse range of seed blends. Each Johnsons Lawn Seed mix is conveniently labelled to facilitate quick and easy selection, catering to various lawn requirements:

  • Tuffgrass – Ideal for lawns subjected to heavy wear and tear.
  • Quick Fix – Designed for patchy lawns in need of repair.
  • Shady Lawn – Tailored for lawns predominantly shaded throughout the day.
  • Luxury Lawn – Perfect for creating an ornamental, finely manicured lawn.
  • General Purpose – A versatile option capable of addressing common lawn care challenges.

STEP 3 – Refine your choice

With our comprehensive portfolio, you can further refine your selection to meet specific needs. For example:

TuffGrass is a boon for dog owners, boasting resistance to the harmful effects of pet urine, proven through extensive testing, whilst Quick Lawn offers rapid establishment and minimal maintenance, allowing for more time spent enjoying your lawn.

Anytime, a groundbreaking mixture, establishes itself even in cooler temperatures (as low as 3°C), ensuring year-round success, and for those previously mossy lawns, After Moss not only fills in patches left by moss but also prevents its return, thanks to its innovative formulation. 


Choosing the perfect lawn seed is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  • Assess your lawn’s needs and challenges.
  • Select the appropriate seed blend from our range of offerings, aided by convenient packaging features such as QR codes and helpful tips.
  • Customise your choice further to address specific requirements, leveraging our scientifically developed solutions.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to transform your lawn into a verdant masterpiece!

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