Building materials supplier CEMEX is proud to present STREETPAVE, a complete three-stage bedding, bonding and jointing mortar paving system. The range consists of BS 7533 compliant products for rigid pavement construction.

All three products in the system are high performance and offer rapid strength, including; STREETPAVE PaveBase bedding mortar; PaveGrip priming slurry; and PaveFill flowing joining mortar. These products can be used together for pavements constructed with clay, natural stone or concrete pavers.

STREETPAVE PaveBase bedding mortar is made from cement and graded aggregates, and is available in a silo, bulk and 25kg bags. Once applied it is highly durable, suitable for walking on in 12 hours and driving on in 24 hours, and can be laid from 10-75mm in one pass. It is perfect for paved areas of mixed foot and vehicular traffic alongside general private and public hardscape areas.

Meanwhile, STREETPAVE PaveGrip priming slurry uses specially selected aggregates to create the essential bond between the bedding and the paving element. Delivered in bulk or 25kg bag, it is applied with a brush at 1-2mm thick and is suitable for high-trafficked pavement.

STREETPAVE PaveFill flowing joining mortar is the final step in this premium quality system. It is fast-setting and frost resistant with a 40MPa compressive strength and low shrinkage. Simple to mix and apply, PaveFill can be applied in joint widths of 5-50mm and up to 200mm deep in a single pass.

Michael May, Sales Manager for CEMEX Mortars Europe, commented: “CEMEX is a UK leader in specialist mortar systems for hard landscaping and our new STREETPAVE system is a further demonstration of our expertise; allowing our customers to construct resilient pavements that meet and exceed the strict demands of BS 7533.

“The STREETPAVE system has been designed so it can work as a three-stage process with each product tested individually and collectively. The long-term value of using such high-quality products is clear; BS 7533 compliant systems are more robust and provide better overall value than non-compliant systems as they require less maintenance and last longer, in some cases exceeding 40 years. We know our customers want reliable, effective products and we are proud to offer the STREETPAVE system to help meet their paving requirements.”

For further information about the STREETPAVE system, please visit www.cemex.co.uk/streetpave

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