Bituchem’s Leading Natratex Material Perfect For Modern Housing Developments

Bituchem’s specialist hard landscaping material, Natratex Cotswold, can play a key role in the design of new housing developments, offering an attractive solution for pathways, driveways and roads.

Based on the colour of Cotswold stone, which is growing in popularity for modern-build houses, Natratex is great for creating a matching landscape to the surrounding buildings.

As the company’s flagship product, Bituchem has seen many applications of the materials to new housing development sites, where the product has proved to be a striking alternative to standard black tarmac to add to the aesthetics of the site.

Natratex Cotswold is as durable as it is attractive and has been specially designed to withstand regular pedestrian and light vehicular use.

The material uses a range of naturally occurring coloured aggregates and is bound using a clear binder to ensure the finish is durable and does not fade in appearance or performance. With minimal maintenance requirements, landscapes using the material will not need to be closed for lengthy periods of time, which would cause unnecessary disruption or inconvenience to residents or local businesses.

Natratex’s hard-wearing qualities also make it a particularly safe material for applications in residential areas where is it is regularly used by pedestrians, and in particular, children and elderly residents. The material is resistant to cracks and potholes and therefore ensures a constant, flat and smooth surface that will not create a trip hazard. The non-abrasive and monolithic nature of the top layer also means minimal damage will be caused should somebody fall.

Bituchem takes into consideration the many factors of the house building process including budget and time restraints and has developed Natratex as a low-cost, time-saving solution for every landscaping requirement. Unlike other aesthetic hard landscaping materials on the market, Natratex is very cost-effective yet still offers the same high performance and durability as alternative products. The material is also very simple to apply and takes very little time as it does not require on-site mixing or gluing and can be laid using conventional equipment. Natratex can be applied for new construction, overlays or regeneration projects to make it suitable for both new-build and redevelopment schemes.

Bituchem has developed Natratex to create a porous alternative, suitable for domestic areas that are susceptible to regular flooding. Designed to replicate the natural infiltration method of water, Natratex Porous steadily absorbs all rainfall and water which automatically permeate through the surface and into the ground and finds its way to a natural water course. In applying Natratex Porous to residential pathways, water build up and large puddles are avoided for a safer and more pleasant environment.

Further information is available from Bituchem on 01594 826768 or 07584 311266, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at

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