Finding the right hard landscaping material for any new private or public sector project is made much easier with Bituchem’s vast range of products manufactured especially for a wide range of applications.

The company, based in Gloucestershire, has supplied thousands of tonnes of its Natratex and Colourtex materials across the UK to create some of the most attractive landscapes in parks, housing developments, commercial spaces, car parks and highways.

Natratex and Colourtex, based on the same highly durable principles as asphalt, are a delightfully attractive alternative to the traditional black surfacing material, but are much more versatile in appearance and application to offer true flexibility to landscape architects and specifiers.


Bituchem’s range of Natratex surfaces are a particular favourite amongst a variety of sectors due to their natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Natratex Cotswold and Natratex Gravel are two variants of the material that have been used in housing sites, schools, car parks and public spaces to offer a natural-looking surface that offers the same highly durable qualities as traditional asphalt.

The materials use a range of natural coloured, naturally-occurring aggregates which are bound using a special clear resin binder for a fully compact, hard-wearing surface. This durable structure eliminates the likelihood of cracks and potholes from constant pedestrian and vehicular use and also protects the vivid colour of the surface from deteriorating in changing weather conditions.

The compact, anti-crack structure makes the materials particularly safe in areas that see regular pedestrian use as they do not pose a trip hazard, especially when compared with standard concrete or earth-based surfaces. These particular qualities have encouraged the use of Bituchem’s Natratex products to be used in applications in schools and universities across the UK as part of producing a safer environment for students and young children.

Bituchem has developed a Natratex solution for any application, including a Heavy Duty material for highways and trafficked areas. This material is laid at the same nominal thickness as other highway asphalts but is much more eye-catching and modern in appearance.

The company has also developed a porous solution for its Natratex materials to be used in any area that is susceptible to water build-up or flooding. The innovative paving system offers the same attractive and durable qualities as standard Natratex, with the added benefit of automatic water-absorbing properties. Natratex Porous is intelligently designed to replicate the natural infiltration method of water and doing away with the need for conventional draining systems.

Laid on a porous receiving layer, the asphalt material with its open structure allows water to permeate through the surface and steadily absorb into the ground, following the natural process to a river or other water course. Natratex Porous thus eliminates the likelihood of blocked drains from excess rainfall and potential contamination of lakes and rivers from the build-up of waste water. The application and maintenance of Natratex Porous is significantly easier than other infiltration or drainage systems due to the lack of deep earth work needed. The material can be applied manually or preferably by machine to the work area without an additional drainage installation, reducing the overall time and cost of the project.


Like Natratex, Colourtex is a fully-bound material offering a highly durable surface, but offers a long-lasting vibrant and colourful finish. With Colourtex, architects are offered complete creative freedom and can produce exciting statement landscapes in both commercial and private applications, including areas to match a corporate theme or an exciting new playground for young children. Bituchem has also seen a number of Colourtex applications in the domestic market to produce a colourful, maintenance free outside area.

The material is available in a range of colours, including buff, red, green and blue to suit any project preferences, or can be combined to create a multi-use games area (MUGA) or playground decoration.

Offering the same hard-wearing, non-deteriorating finish as Natratex, Colourtex’s vivid colours will maintain their appearance even after constant use and changing weather conditions. The decorative material is extremely versatile and can be used to liven up any landscape or area, including domestic or commercial driveways, pedestrian footpaths or school playgrounds. Colourtex has a smooth, crack-resistant surface which is particularly good for uses in schools or areas with small children as it offers a softer finish than other similar products and is very kind to the knees.

Colourtex has the potential to save a significant amount of time and money in projects as it can be used in place of demarcation paints to highlight designated areas such as cycle paths, safety routes or sports pitches. When contrasted with a standard black asphalt or buff finish, Colourtex presents a particularly eye-catching surface that will not fade, unlike surface markers or paints.

Easy application

Bituchem has designed and developed Natratex and Colourtex to be as straightforward to apply as possible. This great quality has made it a particular favourite specification for projects as it helps to keep the project within the required timescales and budgets.

The materials are supplied to the site hot and can be fully applied in one application at any time of the year. The application is completed using conventional equipment and sets quickly to reduce any road or facility closures. Bituchem’s design team works closely with each of its customers and can suggest solutions to your individual requirements, tailoring the aggregate type to suit the contract specification.

Further information on Natratex and Colourtex is available from Bituchem on 01594 826768 or 07584 311266, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at

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