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For more than 12 years Hedera Screens Ltd (HSL) has been supplying and installing innovative urban greening solutions. As the construction market continues to focus on sustainability, air quality and consumer preferences drive manufactures to reduce their environmental impact, we explore how this pioneering company was ahead of the trend and has been offering award-winning, creative green products for over a decade.

Established in 2007 by Alistair and Katherine Moore,HSL remains a family-run business to this very day, with their son Robert, they continue to drive the company towards excellence.

Among the company’s first solutions, and the one that remains the core of its business today, is Living Green Ivy Screens. These innovative solutions are available in Ivy, Beech, Hornbeam, Pyracantha Darts Red and Euonymus Dart’s Blankets.The screens are planted and pre-grown on a 5mm galvanised steel frame and come fully established, creating a secure and attractive evergreen or deciduous hedging, providing instant perimeter fencing, affording little maintenance.

Today, this solution remains the foundation of HSL’s business, although the company has since branched out into additional solutions including living walls, sedum roofs, soft landscaping and irrigation. These products are incredibly versatile and enjoyed by communities, companies and organisations throughout the UK.

Supporting a myriad of clients across the construction, commercial, industrial, local authority, hospitality, retail and residential sectors, the company aims to act as a trusted provider of innovative green solutions. Each client receives an exceptional standard of customer service, as the dedicated team at HSL firmly believe that forming long-term relationships is core to the company’s growth and prosperity, and as such they are committed to ensuring every interaction is a positive one.

As a result of its innovative solutions and exceptional standard of service, HSL is accredited by a range of leading industry organisations, and currently holds SMAS, CHAS, Construction Line Gold and BALI accreditation. Therefore, clients know that when they work with this dedicated company, they will receive the superior standard of service and market-leading support that they need to make a real change to their space and improve its green credentials.

Currently HSL is installing living green screens in planter boxes in many schools in London and multi-story car parks, as part of an initiative to help combat roadside pollution. This innovative development and others will drive the company to enhance its reputation for excellence in urban green products over the coming years.

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